2022.01.17 13:48 Lenj24 Carplay

Hi all,
I recently purchased a 21’ nissan Altima, whenever I plug my cord in for carplay, it works about 50% of the time. Is there something im missing as to why it rarely works? Ive tried new cords and I have a new phone that is updated.
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2022.01.17 13:48 Visual_Studio_2022 华为的花瓣搜索引擎,国内打不开。敏感内容可以搜出来。

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2022.01.17 13:48 meligwages iso sophie 8 inch!! will buy for reasonable price or trade

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2022.01.17 13:48 Stalinboi7 Changing routes

Hey ! So I was awarded a Discover Eu pass and I received the booking link that has a deadline for 10th of April. I was wondering if choosing a flexible pass would allow me to change the route in case I change my mind after already completing the form ?
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2022.01.17 13:48 voldywithanose gotta stay sleepy

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2022.01.17 13:48 shiny_bobblehead [Seiko] What's your favorite Japanese diver?

Given the huge variety of dive watches out there, it seems unlikely that many of us would ever get a chance to to try on most of them.
From my limited experience, the "Great Blue Hole" SBDC065 feels like a sweet spot piece for me, with its particular aesthetics, ergonomics, materials, build quality and finishing. IMO, Seiko struck a really nice balance in the MM200. Sure, it's not perfect, and comes with its share of QC issues and potential for misaligned features. Still, it's comfortable, durable, full of sexy curves and mirror polishing, and has a gorgeous dial with killer lume, to boot. I also appreciate the SKX013 as a beater, with its magical ability to simply disappear on the wrist.
I'm curious about Citizen and Orient, as well as many of the other Seiko models like Tuna, Samurai, etc. Hell, I might even pick up a Casio Duro, just for giggles.
What's your favorite Japanese diver model (or brand)? Why?
How do you think Japanese watches (and divers in particular) stack up against their Swiss counterparts, and the emerging microbrand competition?
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2022.01.17 13:48 KXDiaz Who is Chris’s favorite character in Spartan: Super Soldier??

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2022.01.17 13:48 ExpertAccident That's a steal!

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2022.01.17 13:48 Intelligent_Sail5597 I love all (poem)

What is kind at heart Because it connects And the opposite Tries to tear us apart
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2022.01.17 13:48 aMochaFrappe How to I get text to break?

Hi there,

How do i get my text to align and go on two lines verses just running long and over the lines?

That probably doesn't make much sense but I've attached images for reference.
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2022.01.17 13:48 Qalbe Summit happy PUBG is alive again

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2022.01.17 13:48 mjlet What happens if I pay the security deposit 4 days late?

The lease was signed 34 days ago and the landlord gave us 30 days to pay the security deposit but my housemate’s parents kept pushing back the payment until it’s now 4 days late. Everyone is ready to pay the full deposit amount now but we’re worried that there would be negative consequences.
The landlord hasn’t yet said anything about the security deposit payment being late.
If we pay the security deposit now is there a possibility that the landlord could sell the house to someone else and not give us our security deposit back?
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2022.01.17 13:48 seeyouinhell6669 Would like opinions on my combo brows, details in comments

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2022.01.17 13:48 faharasnet دواء ابيليفاي دواء ابيليفاي ، أريبيبرازول، Abilify Discmelt ، ابليفاي والنوم، أريبيبرازول والوسواس، شراب Aripiprazole، دواعي استخدامه وآثاره الجانبية #فهرس_الأدوية

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2022.01.17 13:48 calypso85 How often can you train?

Finally figured out how to train for cooking on the Pix but it’s been several days and I’m worried he will go back to planet tamagotchi before he’s fully trained. How often will it let you train? I’ve already screwed up once today. We were expecting him to go back yesterday.
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2022.01.17 13:48 meevis_kahuna Help interpreting thermal runaway error message

Lately I've been getting random thermal runaway errors leading to failed prints.
I'm interpreting this as some kind of problem with the thermistor or heater cartridge. The thermistor is not stock, but definitely configured correctly in Marlin.
Recv: T:204.83 /205.00 B:27.77 /0.00 @:84 B@:0 Recv: echo:busy: processing Recv: T:176.03 /205.00 B:27.64 /0.00 @:127 B@:0 Recv: echo: cold extrusion prevented
These messages come in multiple times per second, how could the extruder temp drop 30C instantaneously? If there is some kind of thermistor problem, why would it print successfully for several hours, and then drop on me? And just with some prints? I'm not getting it. Everything is PID tuned in Jyers UI.
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2022.01.17 13:48 JHemp81 If y'all haven't played Alan Wake, you should.

I finally got around to playing it, with the recent remaster and announcement of Alan Wake 2. It's very influenced by Twin Peaks and Stephen King, in the best way possible. I'd reccomend it to any TP fan.
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2022.01.17 13:48 Apprehensive-Tip-384 NFT giveaway !! upvote, join discord and drop your address with discord name, check my comment!

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2022.01.17 13:48 Lord-Brevon It makes me sad hearing his noises

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2022.01.17 13:48 Ok_Log_4348 Hi! I’m doing academic research on the effects of Wilderness Therapy on mental health! If anyone would be willing to participate it would be greatly appreciated!

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2022.01.17 13:48 SnooChipmunks2786 Freezes in games , very strange

My PC: 10700 / 32GB 3200 S16 / 3060Ti / Win10 21H1 SSD M2 system HDD / SSD / Z590 Asus E
Friezes - hangs for 0.5 seconds. On the video 13, 24, 1:25, 1:35, 1:49 seconds. This is in Crysis 3, days gone, borderlands 3, Cyberpunk 2077, the witcher 3, Medieval Dynasty. - video
This is also on the SSD !!!! Same on 3 discs. Reinstalled Windows (installed 10). I changed disks, drivers, turned off unnecessary things. Everything was fine before. Bought a new drive. Changed the power supply. Overclocked cpu/memory. Lost acceleration. Started after installing a new card. on the old map the same thing started. This is an overheating of the motherboard bridge (temperature up to 60). Card memory overheating? Processor failure (only I have not changed it yet). Interesting. Tested in another house. Friezes were. Come to me - no. Now they have reappeared and even on SSD. Does anyone know why? I have already done a lot. I do not know why. Thank you in advance.
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2022.01.17 13:48 Gomolzig Jim is a sociopath? I did a double-take before I realized what sub this was from

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2022.01.17 13:48 monkeyevil Bronco Rear Window MOLLE Storage Panel Install

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2022.01.17 13:48 KMONT19 Before and After Boom realized it was snowing.

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2022.01.17 13:48 badstewie First time NUC user with some questions

I recently bought an 11th gen i5 from my friend's company that he was closing down. It came with SK Hynix 256gb M.2 NVME and 8GB of 3200mhz RAM also from SK hynix. So I upgraded the RAM with 2 sticks of 8GB 3200mhz RAM from Teamgroup Elite which is supposed to run at 3200mhz. Even added a 1TB 2.5" SSD. So far so good right? Here's the thing. I want to upgrade the 256gb M.2 to a Gen 4 M.2, maybe from Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus or a Gigabyte Aorus Gen 4 M.2 M.2 NVME. They both have heatsinks. I don't know if they will fit inside. So, will they? Is it even worth it to upgrade to Gen 4? Maybe just put on an ole regualar 1TB Gen 3 M.2 in there?
Nkow to the thunderbolt 4 ports. Their are 2 ports. Do those 2 ports share the 40Gbps maximum throughput or data transfer speed or does each port do their own thing? I don't what to call the 40Gbps thing is. I've already used one TB4 port to connect my external GPU. I want to connect a TB4 hub on the other one but not at the expense of gaming perdormance. Will putting in a TB4 dock affect the performance of the eGPU? I want to connect a TB4 dock to use an external hard drive and put in a USB wifi adapter. The built in wifi doesn't have enough range to me. Maybe putting in something with an antenna can improve it.
Lastly seeing the i5's performance is amazing. So amazing in fact that I'm tempted to get the i7 version. Is there a significant increase going from i5 to i7? Should I just stick to the i5?
That's all for now. Thank you and please answer my questions. I beg you.
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