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Best Overnight Cloth Diaper = Sloomb!!!

Adult Diaper-Style with Tabs (Briefs) Adult diapers with tabs feature adjustable tabs to provide a comfortable fit that is snug around the waist and leg openings to help prevent leaks. Adult diapers with tabs have a waterproof backing in either a plastic (poly) material or a soft cloth-like material. I just downloaded this pattern to try. I have experience sewing cloth diapers and cloth pads for my kids and myself, and if you still need pads I’m willing to sew them for you free of charge . I could source materials locally in charity shops – bedsheets, duvet covers, bath towels, flannel pajama’s etc. Snaps for closure I do have. NorthShore MEGAMAX Briefs feature unsurpassed absorbency and wicking ability with an extra-wide, extra-long absorbent core. Large, heavy-duty tape tabs are refastenable with a full landing zone to stay snug even at full capacity. Many cloth brands may use the terms small, medium, and large, but the actual sizing and intended ages can be vastly different. ... While many diaper brands do not begin offering overnight diapers ... Using cloth diapers doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. Many cloth-diapering families switch to disposables for outings, when grandparents are babysitting or for overnight wear. Still don’t know if cloth diapers are for you? Check out Cloth Diapering 101 and How to Wash Cloth Diapers. What Type of Cloth Diaper is Best? Wearing a diaper 24/7 can cause you to sweat around the crotch, which can be very uncomfortable. This is more of a problem in the summer, but it’s an issue you will face all year round. However, there are sweat-wicking diapers and other solutions to sweating that diaper manufacturers have come up with that can mitigate this issue. Diaper Rash Fudgey Pants were designed by experts to improve the performance over other reusable cloth nappies by designing the most flexible 3'n'1 design: AIO, AI2, Pocket nappy allows you to cloth the way you want with the one nappy. This ultimately has left us with a most value conscious overnight reusable cloth nappy solution Premium adult diaper covers, used for protection over cloth diapers or any other incontinence product for extra protection from leaks. Available in multiple different fabrics from Plastic, Rubber, and PUL. Various designs available no matter your incontinence needs. Prefold Cloth Diapers - 100% Premium Cotton, Fasoar 3 Ply Baby Washable Cotton Diapers Covers for Babies to Toddlers Multi-Use (10-35 lbs) Count(12) 12 Count (Pack of 1) 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,431 Along with absorbent cotton inner diapers, stylish waterproof covers, the site also sells cloth wipes, overnight boosters, cloth diaper liners, trial kits, cloth diaper storage solutions, laundry solutions, deodorizers, and so much more. A one-stop cloth diapering shop, this site is a great way to stock up for any and all cloth diapering needs.

2022.01.17 12:36 leaves-green Best Overnight Cloth Diaper = Sloomb!!!

Just wanted to thank whoever has recommended the Sloomb overnight diapers on here - I finally bought two, and they are AMAZING! I had been using some other overnight diaps since LO grew out of his newborn cloth (Motherease, some no name ones that were given to me) before, but he always woke up with a faint urine smell, and occasionally a bit of leaking. Not anymore!
The Sloombs were described as bullet-proof, and oh my goodness, they are! Plus they're way more trim (which I don't understand considering they're way more absorbent). I was shocked that they don't need any type of extra inserts or anything, just the snap-in thingy that they came with. The fitted elastic around the legs stop any leaks, and overall they just seem way more comfortable for babykins than the other stuff we had tried. I bought medium and large size b/c my 10 month old is about 18 -19 lbs, and I'm able to use both of them to switch off nights (and he'll still be able to grow into the large size more). I wish I would have bought these sooner - totally worth the money!
This is what I bought (based on recs here): Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted Diapers
Thanks again for the recommendation!!!
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2022.01.17 12:36 Bot-alex Body found in search for British woman missing after Tonga tsunami

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2022.01.17 12:36 Nerdy_Jellyfish123 [42][Speculation] Shan was going to be on Yase?!?!?!

During an interview with fellow certain returnee (Lauren Beck), Shan mentioned she was originally on Yase, but was swapped with Tiffany for whatever reason.
How do y'all think the season would've gone with Shan on Yase and Tiff on Ua? I'll post my theory in the comments : )
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2022.01.17 12:36 Willing-Clock-8884 Sexy danii.banks

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2022.01.17 12:36 spsheridan In a First, an 'Atomic Fountain' Has Measured the Curvature of Spacetime

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2022.01.17 12:36 somethingonthelow Am I just too deep in my thoughts?

I’ve been with my bf for just shy of a year now in two months. And even though he’s not the lovey dovey kind of guy I feel like he should know if he loves me by now. I’m 31 and he’s 44. I just feel like at our age he should know by now. When I say I love you to him his response is usually thank you or I love me too. And the weirder part it’s not like he’s never told me. He did say I love you to me before but a total of 2 times and that’s it. And one of those times he was messing with me and said it in passing in a goofy way. I just ignored it because I feel like he heard me talking with my sister on the phone about how I’m scared to give my all to someone I love because I don’t know if he is in love with me or he just said it to avoid a awkward convo with me because he isn’t in love with me.
So I guess my question is. Am I waisting my time with him? Does it really take someone this long to know if they love the person they are with or not? I know I love him but I don’t know if he does love me and just isn’t the lovey dovey type or he’s guarded because his ex wife cheated on him. My head is spinning and just want some type of advice from men in there experiences.
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2022.01.17 12:36 chrisfoyeimages Visited the Ramona Grasslands Preserve yesterday.

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2022.01.17 12:36 Themziss "Lock" metadata to a certain folder

When using the outliner, I wonder if it is possible to "lock" certain settings for, say, the character folder. Let us say that I have created some custom metadata categories specifically to monitor characters, but I don't want to change settings for the outliner everytime I go to different parts of my project. All help is appreciated. Best regards
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2022.01.17 12:36 Slow-Relation2712 گول اصغر سگ سیبیلارو نخوریم وگرنه مجبوریم دکشونو بخوریم 🌝(استاد امیر منحرف)

گول اصغر سگ سیبیلارو نخوریم وگرنه مجبوریم دکشونو بخوریم 🌝(استاد امیر منحرف) submitted by Slow-Relation2712 to Qdpay [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 12:36 SetMau92 ‘Chemsex’ Activist and Health Worker David Stuart Has Died | LGBTQ+ rights groups and health centers are honoring the pioneering work of British activist and health professional David Stuart who reportedly coined the term “chemsex.”

‘Chemsex’ Activist and Health Worker David Stuart Has Died | LGBTQ+ rights groups and health centers are honoring the pioneering work of British activist and health professional David Stuart who reportedly coined the term “chemsex.” submitted by SetMau92 to LGBTnews [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 12:36 Bot-alex Boris Johnson faces recruitment dilemma amid Downing Street chaos

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2022.01.17 12:36 mrcubingman ?

what is this sub supposed to be lol I just stumbled upon it
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2022.01.17 12:36 A_Clockwork_Monkey What Universe Are You From?

Some of you may call it the Mandela Effect due to the activist Nelson Mandela. And I can see why this has happened.
You see, in my universe he died in 1978 on Robben Island. But you probably remember him becoming South Africa's president.
Let's list a few examples and see what universe you're from.
In mine, Freddy Mercury sang "of the world" at the end of We Are The Champion. But in yours, he probably didn't. That kinda sucks.
Was it sex and the city or sex in the city?
What about the odor killer Fabreezer? Or was it Febreeze, or Febreze? Depending on what universe you're from it could be one of them. Mine was the former.
C3P0, named after George Lucas's postcode, had a silver leg in my universe to complete his golden body. But in yours he was all gold.
The Monopoly Man wore a monocle in mine. But not in yours.
In 1932 American aviator Charles Lindbergh's 20-month-old son was kidnapped. I remember the event AS a cold case, to this day, but according to your Wikipedia, the toddler’s body was found a little more than two months after the initial kidnapping took place.
The Flinstones, was The Flinstones, not The Flintstones.
In the Tom Hanks film, Big, I remember the ending being in a classroom with the lady Susan sitting by him. Meaning she wished on the fortune machine. But apparently that never happened.
Was yours Cruella DeVil or Cruella Deville?
Was it: Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get" or life was like a box of chocolates?
Looney Toons not Looney Tunes
John Paul 1st made Mother Teresa a saint in 1992, not in 2016 by Pope Francis.
Darth Vader said, “Luke, I am your father," not “No, I am your father.”
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” That's correct, right? But now it's, “Magic mirror on the wall…”
Now this one is weird. While most people die one or twice in the different universes, Actor Abe Vigoda died over 30 times in different universes, depending on what universe you're from, it could be anywhere from 1986 through to 2016.
Who remembers chartreuse⁠ being a lovely shade of pink? No? Do you know it as green? Ah ha.
Did Henry the eighth have six wives or eight? In my universe he had eight. Catherine of Aragon, Anna bolyn, Mary Bolyn, Jane Seymour, Elizabeth Crew, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Catherine Parr.
Your universe has 50 states in America. In mine there were 52.
There are many more that I can't list due to the limit of words, but I think you get my drift. Or is it gist?
Why is this happening?
There are 369 Earth universes. Not an unlimited amount. They are colliding. I don't know what will happen when they all merge. We've tried to stop them, but failed. There are only 3 left, and in one, Hitler won.
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2022.01.17 12:36 lepandas The collective unconscious is NOT biological. Jung was an idealist, not a physicalist.

The meaning of 'unconscious'
"Jung goes out of his way to emphasize that the distinction between consciousness and the unconscious is a relative one. Taking the degree of self-reflection of a psychic content as a guide, he explains that consciousness embraces … "a whole scale of intensities of consciousness."
"Between “I do this” and “I am conscious of doing this” there is a world of difference. … there is a consciousness in which unconsciousness predominates, as well as a consciousness in which self-consciousness predominates. (ONP: 115)
"For instance, he maintains that never yet has any reasonable person doubted the existence of psychic processes in a dog, although no dog has, to our knowledge, ever expressed consciousness of its psychic contents. (ONP: 98) Here Jung isn’t denying that a dog has phenomenal inner life; much to the contrary: he is stating precisely that “no reasonable person” would doubt that a dog indeed has inner experiences—i.e. “psychic processes.” But the dog lacks the depth of self-reflective introspection that allows humans to “express consciousness” of their experiences."

To put this in clear terms:
Jung defines the unconscious as that which is experiential but not self-reflective. The collective unconscious is as part of the psyche, and is therefore as experiential, as the 'conscious', which was Jung's term for self-reflective experiences.
The collective unconscious
So, Jung's use of the term 'unconscious' is referring to processes that are experiential in nature, part of the psyche, and yet not self-reflective.
What does Jung say about the nature of the collective unconscious? Does he think it's psychic, or experiential in nature, or does it arise out of something non-psychic?
Jung is also quick to note that the unconscious as a whole “is not a second personality with organized and centralized functions but in all probability a decentralized congeries of psychic processes” (ACU: 278).
"The archetype … reveals itself to psychic introspection—so far as inward perception can grasp it at all—as an image, … which underlies not only the psychic equivalences but, remarkably, the psycho-physical equivalences too. (S: 138)"
"the central structure of the collective unconscious cannot be fixed locally but is an ubiquitous existence identical to itself; it must not be seen in spatial terms and consequently, when projected onto space, is to be found everywhere in that space. I even have the feeling that this peculiarity applies to time as well as space. (AA: 13)"
Here, Jung quite explicitly says that the collective unconscious is not restricted to time and space, but rather that time and space (and therefore physicality) are manifestations of this collective unconscious.
Remember that Jung defines unconscious as processes which are experiential in nature, but not self-reflective.
Jung explicitly acknowledges in a letter to Pauli that “the physical and psychic matrix is identical ” (AA: 126).
After reminding Pauli that “Psyche is for me, as you know, a general term indicating the ‘substance’ of all phenomena of the inner world ” (AA: 125),
What does Jung define as the psyche, then? Could it be that he's bizarrely using that term while meaning that it emerges from material processes outside and independent of experience?
"This becomes clearer, for instance, in a passage of Jung’s correspondence with Fr. White: reduce something to a whim or an imagination, then it vanishes into μὴ ὄν, i.e. nothingness. I firmly believe however that the psyche is an οὺσία. (JWL: 141)"
Οὺσία’ (‘Oussia’) is the Ancient Greek word for ‘substance,’ ‘essence,’ ‘gist,’ even ‘being,’ something that exists in and by itself, independently of anything else. So by claiming that the psyche is itself an οὺσία, Jung is saying that it is its own metaphysical ground or category—i.e. the ‘psychic.’
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2022.01.17 12:36 TJR127 Moved locally, did everything I was supposed to, can't get get service.

I recently moved a few blocks away from my original service address. I submitted a service move request the morning of 1/14. I tried hooking up my modem 1/15 and 1/16 to all 3 coax ports in the new apartment and can't get service. I also followed all prompts at xfinity.com/activate. Both the Xfinity app and Xfinity My Account app can't communicate with my modem. All of my equipment is exactly the same as the old address. Can you help me?
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2022.01.17 12:36 BAGSSSSSSSSSSS Miku <3

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2022.01.17 12:36 Aside_Dish Does Anyone Have An Outline Of Which Biarda Control What, What Primary Sources Are, and the Hierarchy For Determining Which Standards Have The Most Backing?

Seems like there are million different boards and organizations. They put out bulletins, and guidelines, and opinions, and it's all just confusing as hell. When I'm looking for bona-fide correct answers when doing research, where should I start?
Additionally, if the guidelines are unclear, any great plain-text sources that help interpret standards and such?
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2022.01.17 12:36 _cdcam [S][USA-NH] Pentax 6x7 67 MLU with 105mm f/2.4 SMC Takumar, meter prism.

Images and Timestamp
Selling this Pentax 6x7 body with the legendary 105mm lens. Camera has definitely been used, shows significant cosmetic wear throughout. Benefit to you is you know it works, I've shot 4 rolls in the last month and everything works perfectly. It comes with the Meter prism as well which is a nice upgrade and that has a very new battery in it. Chain linkage is intact, mechanically sound, takes all frames. Glass is clean, no fungus or scratches. Viewfinder is very clear compared to others I've seen, minor dust. Also has original strap with lugs.
$1000 shipped, fees included. PayPal G&S, CONUS.
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2022.01.17 12:36 Curious-Scroll2020 Recently got a job offer that requires relocation

Finally graduated last May with my BA in Journalism at 25. Been applying to jobs every day since. Gotten a couple of interviews, even second and third round interviews but always ending in rejection or ghosting. Finally a recruiter contacted me from TEGNA, had me take a writing test, and had me pick from a list of locations none of which are within reasonable commuting distance from where I live (CT). Recruiter called back and offered me a 2yr contract for $42k to $43k in Norfolk VA.
Feeling conflicted about taking the job because I'm in the Army Reserves, so I'll have to commute back-n-forth at least once a month. Just started dating this guy in November who I really, really like (I've never had a boyfriend so it's been weighing on me how to tell him if I do decide to take the job). And of course I'd miss my family, all of whom live in NYC
Should I take it? Anyone have experience with the company? What's Norfolk like? What about everything thing else?
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2022.01.17 12:36 Walk1000Miles New rule to stop insurance brokers from fraudulently enrolling people in plans : Shots - Health News : NPR

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2022.01.17 12:36 roxieh Favourite place for sofas?

We're in the market for a new sofa, and as tempting as the endless DFS sale is, I'm not actually sure if they're any good.
My current lot of sofas were £99 from ebay about ten years ago (lol) so I'm looking for anything comfortable for less than £1,000. Is that even enough to get a quality sofa? We'd like something squishy and comfortable, the kind where people just don't want to get out. I really just don't know where to start. Figured you lot might be able to pitch in with some dos and donts and general advice. Ta!
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2022.01.17 12:36 bobbyw24 Brian Fallon cancels more tour dates, announces ''59 Sound' livestream

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2022.01.17 12:36 TheSoiGamer noooooo family guy corrput piby guys dis is so sad

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2022.01.17 12:36 Raging_Hope The Long Dream. What would you do if you dreamt your whole life in a single night? (Just to share is all)

This may not be the usual post material. But I've been having dreams that have made me wonder. A few nights ago, I had dream straight of the abyss of my subconscious. It involved people I knew in middle school, high school, a former best friend, bits and pieces of my life, a random woman was my mother and oddly a white snake that looked like a spirit animal god etc. I basically living a new life, and had a child to care for, got involved in a murder mystery. A lot.
I woke up and got this sense of confusion. Like I'm not awake. I've also had nights where I woke up crying, because the dream was so beautiful and it all felt like home. Everytime I wake up it's like I don't even recognize anymore. So I remembered a story by Junji Ito, a Japanese horror fiction manga artist. It's called Long Dream, anyone seen it?
When I first saw it I resonated so much. Would it be terrifying to live multiple lives every night? Dreams that lasted longer and longer?
The premise of the show is that the protagonist kept having dreams that lasted longer, but only in the dream world; in the real world he was sleeping for the same amount of time. Soon he began living hundreds of years in these dreams and had a wife etc. The real world became a passing memory to him.
It makes you wonder what makes a dream, a dream; is it how long it is? If you spent thousands of years in a dream every night, wouldn't the real seem like a dream?
Just wondering...
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2022.01.17 12:36 psyopia Final Episode Discussion (SPOILERS)

Since there’s no discussion threads up, thought I’d make my own and get this started. Obviously this is for people who have completed the show only.
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