Djokovic’s French Open title defence in doubt after Covid pass ruling

2022.01.17 13:02 autotldr Djokovic’s French Open title defence in doubt after Covid pass ruling

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Novak Djokovic may not be allowed to defend his French Open title in May after the French government ruled that all athletes will have to be vaccinated in order to attend and compete in sporting events in France.
The French sports minister, Roxana Maracineanu, has announced that athletes would not be exempt from France's Covid pass, which will soon come into effect for over 16s. "The vaccination pass has been adopted. As soon as the law is promulgated, it will become mandatory to enter public buildings already subject to the health pass for all spectators, practitioners, French or foreign professionals," she wrote on twitter.
Stanislas Guerini, the French MP and executive director for En Marche, said Djokovic's behaviour was "Irresponsible" as he discussed the Covid pass in an interview with RTL on Monday morning.
Djokovic arrived back in Belgrade, Serbia on Monday after being deported from Australia following the cancellation of his visa by the Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.
Under Australia's visa cancellation rules, Djokovic is currently banned from re-applying for a visa for three years.
Djokovic was greeted by some supporters and journalists at the airport on his return to Serbia and as the Australian Open began on Monday, Serbian players spoke publicly about his deportation.
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2022.01.17 13:02 goosedefender I feel like a failure

I’m 23. I can’t drive. I’m broke. I’m graduating from college this spring two years later than all my peers because I switched majors 3 times and severely struggle with my mental health. No close friends. Currently unemployed while I go to school full time and am living off my parents, which I feel so incredibly guilty for, even though they reassure me it’s ok for the time being.
I know the reason I’m so behind is because my anxiety is so intense and I’m in the process of finding a therapist. My anxiety has made it so hard to even make that step of making a simple phone call. It paralyzes me.
I’m so embarrassed. I feel pathetic. All my peers have jobs, their own places, are financially stable, getting married, or at least have very clear goals in mind. I have none of those. I see people online all the time say “imagine not driving at this age”, or other rhetoric about how I’m essentially considered a complete loser.
I know it’s not too late but it feels that way. I feel like such a failure. And I don’t deserve pity, because so many people have it so much worse.
I’m such a f*ck up.
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2022.01.17 13:02 DocSanchezAOE2 Age of Empires 2 DE Commentaries

Hello there, Doc Sanchez here. I have recently started playing AOE2:DE multiplayer games and uploading commentaries of fun and unusual matches to Youtube, using Capture Age. I've been a big RTS fan for about 20 years and re-discovered AOE2 during the lockdown, it has a really wholesome community and I have enjoying re-immersing myself into competitive gameplay. I'd love to reach a wider audience and introduce/re-introduce more people to the game. Feel free to stop by and leave any comments and i'm open to feedback. New content released regularly!
Link to main series playlist:
Link to first video:
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2022.01.17 13:02 navyfolk Should I forgive the guy who hurt my feelings?

Back in November, I matched with this guy on a dating app. We he it off quite well and some minor feelings were starting to grow, for both of us. The thing is that he has a pretty busy schedule so we didn't really have much time to meet. At the end of last year, I asked him if I could drop by his work to give him some brownies I had baked. He said it was ok, so I went there, gave him the brownies with a cute letter and we talked for like 5 minutes only, then I had to leave.
When I got home he texted me saying things weren't going to work between us because we had nothing in common. It was so bizarre I thought he was joking. He had always seemed to be a good, caring guy, so I asked him why. He said he just felt that on our 5 minute conversation. It made me feel extremely frustrated because how can anyone judge someone based on a 5 minute conversation? He blocked me everywhere after that and we didn't talk until earlier this month, when he texted me out of nowhere, saying he had dreamed about me. He then asked me if we could still meet, said he was really really sorry, that that wasn't him. He said he did what he did because he was scared he'd like me, because he had never felt that way about someone. I gave him a chance to meet, so we talked and he does seem genuinely sorry. We've been going out since but I'm still not 100% sure. What he did before hurt my ego. It felt like an insult to my intelligence and to the person I have become, and I'm scared he changes again. Should I keep going out with him?
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2022.01.17 13:02 random_altacnt342 Now that I'm 15 I don't even consider dating a 14 year old I have no idea why

But I I'm fine with 16 year olds that are two school years older than me wtf
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In the last 24-36 hours my YouTube tv via Chromecast Google tv keeps freezing probably 2 times per hour or so. It freezes and then about a minute later it continues where it left off. Several times I've been able to immediately do a speed test and my Internet is perfectly fine. So, it's either the Chromecast or yttv. I power cycled the Chromecast and it seemed to help for several hours but this morning it back to doing it again.
Any ideas on how to troubleshoot something this sporadic?
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2022.01.17 13:02 Ryzo7272 Does anyone know any Natasha Nice subreddits with sound

Does anyone know any Natasha Nice vids with sound because this doesn’t have much
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Thunderdome is a small pc/steam pvp factions based community recruiting adults (25+) who are laid back, friendly, social, and don't have time to mess with all the hassle of being a hard-core player; that said, you do you. We have been around since 2005, and most of us have families, work, lives in general, and really just want to build a cabin in the woods with good internet away from most people. If this sounds appealing, come check us out. You are our kind of people. [Discord Code - qQzB2XvuQV ] [Fjordur: steam://connect/] [The Island: steam://connect/] 📷
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XRP son birkaç gün içinde yükselmeye çalıştı, ancak boğalar ivme kazanmakta başarısız oldu.
Temel Destek seviyeleri: 0,70 ABD doları
Anahtar Direnç seviyesi: 0,85 ABD doları
Momentum, fiyatı yukarı itmek için hafta sonu boyunca orada değildi ve bu, bugünün ana desteğe 0.70
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2022.01.17 13:02 WhoAmIEven2 Are sports hooligans a thing in the U.S?

Like different firms fighting it out before and after games? Never heard of it so hopefully you managed somehow to not make it a thing over the pond.
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