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Feel bad for the kid, Creepy Uncle Joe

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2021.11.29 14:11 RicoRecklezz617 Feel bad for the kid, Creepy Uncle Joe

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2021.11.29 14:11 ryank425 Question about how to pause the service on contract while moving

I have sent the modmail already.
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2021.11.29 14:11 benjoduck Auto-banning in General Small Dong or whatever it's called

My apologies if this has been covered before. I had scoped out the infamous ZenDong forum once or twice before but never attempted to post anything there. I have posted both here and in Colin Spears' TheChinaNerd maybe like 8-10 times each. I went to zenDong yesterday and saw someone made a post saying something like "This is me when libtards post something they think it anti-colonial!" and it had a drawing of something like Marx, Engels, Lenin and some other dildo all glowering in unison.
So I replied and said I thought the image itself projected European exceptionalism by having four white men standing as spokesmen for the group, and therefore it was promoting colonialism itself or something. Just figured I'd rile someone up and get an apology and laugh to myself, but instead I found myself immediately receiving a message that I was permanently banned from the subreddit because I have participated in anti-communist subreddits. The message said it came from a bot.
I guess that's one way to really create an echo chamber, but I wonder what happens to their wannabe trolls who'd post in groups like this one or others? I guess the mods could review content by such people and let them in, but I wonder if they also don't want people trolling this group for fear they'd read our content. It's like trying to build a Great Firewall within Quora - "Don't look behind that curtain!".
In the end, boy are they fucking afraid of other opinions and perspectives, and you know, facts.
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2021.11.29 14:11 Broad_Appearance6896 Has anyone here played the stardew valley boardgame?

How good is it? I ordered it, I just want to hear what people think about it
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2021.11.29 14:11 Dawnspeakers Magic Misadventures Megathread

^This ^post ^was ^sponsored ^to ^you ^by ^EmpressTeemo ^and ^friends

***Welcome to the ninth*** /LegendsOfRuneterra ***card reveal megathread!***

Per usual, this megathread is a huge effort to make and maintain on the backend, so please allow up to 1 hour after reveals were posted for us to update. If any content was not updated in this megathread within two hours, please let us know - preferably by DM'ing Curious Thing#1001 on Discord or dropping a line in #questions-and-answers [Discord server.](

We would also like to remind everyone that **custom cards are banned from the main subreddit during spoiler season**, and can **only** be posted on the [**custom card subreddit**](


* [**Building a better card game: Expansions and sets**](
* [**Revealed cards discussion sub**](


**Teasers posted:**

* [**Expansion Trailer**](


|**Bandle City**|
|**Piltover & Zaun**|
|**Shadow Isles**|
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2021.11.29 14:11 kaniq Top tier consoomer

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2021.11.29 14:11 Gloomy-Instruction-1 What was a prank that someone pulled on you and you fell for it?

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2021.11.29 14:11 _Noboddie_special SLPT Convert Your Guitar To Left Handed Using a 2 1/2" Diameter Hole Saw

SLPT Convert Your Guitar To Left Handed Using a 2 1/2
DIY Lefty Guitar Conversion
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2021.11.29 14:11 PatCat292929 DCIPhers Daily #7 - PROGRESSION

Wanted to take the time to express my sincerest appreciated for the DCIP community. I was active in the Telegram, Twitter and all outlets this weekend and the community participation is amazing. Between exploring new efficiencies, proposals and future outlooks, it was refreshing to be part of a great community. I know we are having some app issues but wanted to urge those that can to vote.
As an update we are so close to having max allocation on the JASMY vote which will be a vital piece of our investment portfolio. If you can, connect and vote to help get us there. Also, please utilize your rite to vote on all other available proposals as its vital tot he progression of DCIP. Talk soon.
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2021.11.29 14:11 Bigmig3334 Who will win Women's Royal Rumble ( I think #3)

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2021.11.29 14:11 weirdestweird Attempt at making the logo with clay. Reminds me of Mangiapane’s version.

Attempt at making the logo with clay. Reminds me of Mangiapane’s version. submitted by weirdestweird to CalgaryFlames [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 14:11 Onediamondfilms It's Time To Let Them Go (MOTIVATION TO LET GO & MOVE ON) Conversations...

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2021.11.29 14:11 lameassloser95 Half tempted to edit a censor bar on this 😅🤪 [F26]

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2021.11.29 14:11 majestyalphaq Calcium supplement depleted my phosphorus?

There was a period of time where i was taking calcium supplementation 500mg-1000mg per day for a few weeks alongside magnesium.
I then started developing so many symptoms, such as no libido, no weight in my body(closest way to describe is feeling light like a woman?), anxiety, ocd, brain fog, crave bread, crave cigarettes.
I tried everything and finally by luck got hands of phosphate salt and symptoms are gone but have to take it everyday. Hope this is temporary.
Anyone heard of something like this? Its not placebo… i tried almost literally everything and this was what had constant effects.
I watched a youtube video that says calcium supplementation does fight with phosphorus absorption, but when i take dairy from foods, it’s fine? However just taking one spoon of 125mg calcium from supplements gives me symptoms again.
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2021.11.29 14:11 GhostlyNite How do I buy Dcip

How do I buy it
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2021.11.29 14:11 YurchenkoFull Hi!! So I was worried about my Guinea Pig’s penis and my vet told me it he was fine. He’s 4 years old and I was just wondering if anybody else’s pig has this? I’ve read some scary things and I’m still worried. He seems perfectly healthy otherwise

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2021.11.29 14:11 itsdeadwolf97 My little chonker loves playing in snow.

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2021.11.29 14:11 mdmdcksalot Just saw this on Instagram and now I have a theory that Elain is a huge stoner.

Just saw this on Instagram and now I have a theory that Elain is a huge stoner. submitted by mdmdcksalot to acotar [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 14:11 maekeyisntcool What’s the most manipulative mind game someone did on you in a relationship?

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2021.11.29 14:11 eternalkushcloud Went on a Solo road trip from Baltimore to New Mexico and back!

Below you can find a link to the video I made about it, only covers my way out West, Tik Tok videos don’t allow enough time to cover my trip back east, but it’s all explained below!
Took 2 weeks, either 36 or 3800 miles. I went in my 2017 civic coupe. I saw a lot! I made it to Indiana by the first night. The next day I went through Illinois and stopped to see a huge metal breathing dragon in the middle of nowhere, I then heading to St Louis, I saw the St Louis Arch, then I left for KC, I had some BBQ, stopped to see the WW1 museum, walked around KC a bit, I spent the 2nd night on the border on MO and Kansas next to a big minor league stadium. I woke up and headed into Kansas, I went to Lawrence and went to Univ of Kansas, went into the historic Kansas U basketball stadium, they have a museum in the stadium that is sick! From there I stopped by some big Van Gough painting that’s outside in the middle of nowhere!
Then I went to the historic Brown vs Board of Education site in Topeka, KS. Then I got pulled over by Kansas state police and had my car searched, I spent that 3rd night just over the border inside Colorado, in Burlington, CO. I left the next morning for Denver, I spent a couple hours exploring the City, then I left for the Red Rocks, and Red Rock Ampitheatre, they said I couldnt go in b/c it was a HS graduation going on, so I snuck in and acted like I was there for the Graduation! I even got a graduation program Ha!
From there I left for Colorado Springs, I stayed there for like 3 nights to rest, I went to the Garden of Gods which was crazy. After Colorado Springs I left for the Great Sand Dunes National Park which was epic! I left there and headed to New Mexico, I stopped at a cool Gas Station that had been abandoned since those 70s, I spoke with a local guy that explained its history to me.
I made it to Sante Fe that late after noon. I spent a couple days exploring Sante Fe, cool city! from there I started heading back east, I got pulled over in the Texas Pan handle (wheeler county) and got my car searched again! The cop stole a neckless and bracelet I had bought from Sante Fe…I made it to Oklahoma City that night, the next day I went to the OKC bombing Memorial site which was dope. I left and made it the Arkansas/TN border and slept in West Memphis, a hotel at the biggest truck stop in the country, it was wild, people were asking me for Meth. From there i planned to stop in Memphis but passed its…around Jackson, TN a huge gardening stone crashed into and caved in the lower right corner of my windshield while I was on the highway , so I stayed the night in Jackson, it was a holiday weekend so no glass places would be open for a few days, so I taped it up with duct tape that i got from some random guy and headed home. I made it from Jackson, TN to Baltimore in one day, like 12 hours.
It was a WILD time, ups and downs, but looking back, way more ups than downs! Can’t wait to do something similar again! Peace!
Video :
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2021.11.29 14:11 NeverBeen_OnAPlaneB4 Reagor is playing chess out there while everyone else is playing checkers

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2021.11.29 14:11 rustyderps How To Tell UiPath to read first/only sheet in Excel file (when sheet name varies)?

We need to download an Excel file and process the first/only sheet, the issue is the internet portal names the first sheet different things.
Is there a way to tell UiPath:
"If there is only one sheet, process that sheet (without explicitly knowing the sheet name)"?
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2021.11.29 14:11 Thefarmersmaiden Even August of 2020 Kody’s covid logic does not make sense

let it be known this is my first post so I don’t know if I’ve even done it correctly*
I just watched season 16 episode 2. I’m not convinced that Kody’s logic is for the greater good of the family. It seems to me that it’s about control making him feel important. And whether he knows it or not he is making a very bold statement to his children and the wives about who he really cares about. He keeps saying he is trying to protect them all, especially the little kids, like who exactly? Ari, Sol and Robyn very clearly are the only ones he is protecting. We see Kody doing whatever he wants, as he sees fit. He is picking and choosing who he is close too. I have not seen Kody show any sort of affection towards any child except Sol and Ari. I have not seen Kody show any sort of affection towards any wife except Robyn. He tells the entire family they have to social distance and whatnot but then we see him holding Ari on his lap in front of the entire family. I really think that Gabe is giving us all a glimpse in to Kody’s true colors. Gabe has passed the point of giving a shit whose feelings he hurts and protecting those who wouldn’t protect him. He is exposing Kody on national TV and he should. I also think that Janelle knows the truth, she’s just worried about keeping the image she wants the world to believe. I saw her face say “oh shit Gabe just spoke the truth many times on TV and I can’t cover that up”.
Kody doesn’t follow his own rules, nor does he follow the rules of the cdc, local, state, federal, etc. he just does what he wants and whatever makes himself feels important and in control. And if you do not follow along with making him the almighty, he punishes you for it. Even his own children. May he reap what he is sowing....
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2021.11.29 14:11 Jealous_Criticism Most Provocative Gay Films to Stream Now

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2021.11.29 14:11 Accurate-Finish-755 Help with coil noise from both the PSU and GPU, please.

I recently bought an MSI 3080 gaming trio z. Whille runing the benchmark in RDR 2 with everything on ultra at 1440p, I can hear a pretty loud coil noise from both PSU and the GPU. I can tell it's from both because I have pulled apart the PSU from the PC, and it's clear from where the sounds come when you close your ear to it.|
Regarding the PSU, I first had a no-name 850w Gold. I changed it to a Seasonic 850W 80 Gold - same coil noise, I changed that to a Corsair HX 1200, 80 Platinum 1200w - same coil noise from both components.
What advice can you give me, besides opening the psu and gpu and putting different substances on the electronics (I can't do that since they're both under warranty).
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