I had a dream.

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2021.11.29 14:05 LieuHam I had a dream.

It's more of a nightmare, really. I was dreaming something sorta shitty happened to me and I went on YouTube for some reason and I had been logged into Sus Guy's account because it's a dream and it doesn't make sense. I was looking at the channel overview sorta page with your unreleased videos and shit and I had seen an unreleased video that had something to do with Jerma being on a boat or something? Maybe beach related? IDK. Anyways, I thought: "Hey, fuck it just release it or something lol." and I started an instant premiere for it. I instantly regretted it and I felt so guilty and I still do after the nightmare. This is not satire, I haven't had a normal dream for 5 years now.
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2021.11.29 14:05 seeroy Don't forget, we're still 2-4

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2021.11.29 14:05 Gibby5683 Almond flour banana bread

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2021.11.29 14:05 Sramdeen1 Third Eye...Open!

I had an uncle who was born with what some called a ‘gift’ …although to be honest, for him it was more of a curse, at the beginning.
He had the ability to see through the veil that separates this world from the next. The concept is nothing new; it’s been written about many times, in fact on of the most famous pieces of fiction based on this phenomenon Stephen King’s novel ‘The Shining’.
However the reality of the thing, well, that’s an altogether different story.
My uncle was particularly strong in the gift, and as an infant he started seeing strange persons and things, persons and things no one else could see. Sometimes these entities would ‘attack’ him, resulting in seizure-like episodes. My grandparents grew up in a superstitious time and practicality soon gave way to fears of the supernatural.
My uncle, who I shall call ‘Joe’, was dragged from church to temple to mosque to everything in between before he was 15, and by the time he turned 16 he had his very own spiritualist attending to him. He was also heavily traumatized from all the ‘ceremonies’ he was made to endure.
He was about 15 years older than I, and I remember the episodes always terrified me. We knew something was going to happen when his eyes would ‘roll upward’ and then he’d start screaming, or fall to the ground in violent spasms. Shortly after, the praying from those around would start, punctuated by the intermittent cussing (for some reason the elders felt you could cuss a demon away). It never worked.
Truth be told, people treated him as you would treat someone with epilepsy, just waiting for another attack. I came from a big family; my uncle had seven brothers and four sisters. I grew up in my grandparents’ home, so I witnessed some of this first-hand, and learnt much of it from the stories they would share. The family was often divided on what was happening, many felt he was just acting this way for attention, while the others felt that he needed more vigorous medical intervention. Very few (other than my grandparents) accepted that the underlying cause was actually supernatural. So it made him a bit of a pariah, and sometimes when he did suffer an attack it was accompanied by a chorus of disbelief and insults.
For many years he suffered alone, until one day, he found another just like him.
It was a woman, several years older than he was. She was part of a group of spiritualists …well; to be honest they were more like exorcists than anything else. It was within this group that he found comradery and belonging, things that we all yearn for as individuals I suppose.
His apprehensiveness soon gave way to assertiveness, as he embraced his new family whole-heartedly. It led to some heated arguments with my grandparents, although as a kid I was always sent to the next room. Didn’t prevent me from eavesdropping though. They were worried that he was being used and misled by this group, although underlying it all I think they feared something more metaphysically sinister and the implications that might have for the family.
But he was adamant, and never wavered for an instant.
I would always remember them coming to pick him up to go to another of their ‘cleansings’. And he was all too happy to talk about it whenever he got the chance.
He often told us about having to confront demons and other less known spirits that would inhabit people’s homes, property, and occasionally even the people themselves. He used to talk about the fact that he had been taught how to harness energy from within and from around him and use it as ‘holy fire’. He said that he and his colleagues would often engage in robust spiritual warfare with these entities, using the intangible ‘holy fire’ as a weapon. They were strongest as a group, but could also fight as individuals. In everything they did Joe always insisted that they walked with God and at the front, and he would often quote Ephesians;
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
Ironically, my uncle became one of the leading members of the group in short time, so powerful apparently was his particular gift. Indeed, on several occasions I learnt that he would engage some of these entities on his own, and in time became something of a marked man in the ‘other’ world.
Of all this I had no real evidence, but I always remember something that happened when my grandmother died.
We had a large gathering of friends and relatives over for the first night of the wake, and one of the favorite ways to pass time was to play cards (for those who weren’t busy drinking that is). I was engaged in a game of cards with two close friends and another uncle, one much closer to my age, when this other uncle – ‘John’ - suddenly froze, his eyes turned up in his head and he collapsed like a log. In fact if one of my friends had not grabbed him he would have fallen flat hitting his head. As he lay on the floor he started mumbling strange words, and it was not long after that someone fetched uncle ‘Joe” and he proceeded to lay his hands on his younger brother who suddenly started speaking to him in a thin voice, unlike his own.
“Joe? Joe? Where am I?”
“Mom,” Joe responded, ‘mom you have to let go of ‘John’ right now. You have passed on and you have to go.” His voice started rising. “Now! Let go of him this instant!”
And uncle ‘John’ went limp. By this time a large group had gathered around us. Some looked on in horror, some with curiosity and some with amusement. Not everyone was family you see.
Just seconds after Uncle ‘John’ fell limp his sister, my aunt started acted weird. She closed her eyes and started swatting the air in front of her as if it was full of wasps. Then she too started mumbling incoherent words. Uncle ‘Joe’ left ‘John’ and grabbed her now. After several long moments she too collapsed and a few minutes later opened her eyes. Both she and my Uncle John were exhausted, and neither had any recollection of what had just happened.
Uncle Joe told us it was the spirit of his mother, who was still in the house, and had not yet moved on. I have no evidence to confirm any such thing, but it was weird.
Joe eventually got married, had two sons and moved to New York. I have visited him lots of times. New York I’ve learnt is one of the most haunted places in America.
I remember one year a couple friends and I were visiting for Thanksgiving. My uncle lived in Queens and it was an unusually warm year, so much so that we actually had the grill fired up in the backyard. There were seven of us hanging out, chicken and burgers on the grill and a cooler filled with beer and vodka – juice for the kids. I was there with uncles Joe and John, Joe’s sons Frank and Eddie were also there as well as his neighbor Mike and buddy Carlton. My aunt had gone to work.
It was about 5:30 and already getting dark when Eddie, who was eight at the time came storming down the driveway at the side of the house screaming that a woman was trying to get in the front yard and come after him. We of course figured it was someone trying to break in and we all bolted to the front, but there was no one there. Eddie was still screaming and pointing toward the front entrance, insisting that the woman was still there, and staring at us. Most of us could see nothing, except for Joe of course. He was staring intently at where Eddie was pointing, and there was a strange look on his face. Suddenly his breathing got louder, deeper. His eyes closed and the air around us felt charged with static electricity. I swear I got a whiff of what smelled like an overheating breaker, or electrical wires on fire. The hairs on the back on my neck stood on end. It went on like that for a couple minutes, the rest of us just staring at each other, and at Joe, who stood motionless. And then all was quite again. Joe’s breathing got shallower and he opened his eyes. Eddie stopped yelling, turned and started walking to the backyard.
‘Eddie, you ok?” I asked.
‘Yup, dad got it,” was all he said.
I didn’t know what to believe. Joe later told us it was the spirit of a woman who had been horribly murdered, and refused to cross over, and that years of anger had turned her spirit into an angry sort of demonic entity. It had noticed Eddie sometime during the day, while he was off at school, and had followed him home. It had been drawn to Eddie because he too had the gift. Joe said he had dealt with it, and that it would no longer be a threat to anyone.
Those of us in the family had learnt by now to just listen and let it be, if you believed you believed, if you didn’t you nodded and stayed quiet. Joe told us you saw these spirits when your ‘third eye’ was open. The third eye is located at the center of your forehead. It seems Eddie’s had now opened fully. Frank, who was a year older confessed that he had started seeing things as well.
The next year when we went back for Thanksgiving neither of the kids was bothered by the apparitions anymore. Joe told us he and his group of friends had performed an intricate ceremony which essentially shut the kids’ ‘third eye’. Joe said he knew what it was like to live in fear, and to be ridiculed by those who did not believe, and he didn’t want that for his kids. The process was a temporary one, and the boys could have their ‘sight’ restored when they reached 18, if they wanted. Only Frank chose to do so many years later. Eddie became a cop and move to Houston. He never speaks about it.
One time we were driving not far from where the famous Amityville House was. Joe said he had passed by there once, said the place was just a shell now and that nothing spiritual inhabited it anymore. Intrigued, I of course wanted to know if the stories were true. He said he didn’t know about the haunting or the possession, but that something nasty had once inhabited that area, and that the spiritual ‘stink’ lingered, even to this day.
There are many more instances when things have happened, and many other stories that Joe told us about which I will probably share with you another time.
Last year Joe died.
He had a heart attack, and I miss him deeply.
I pray that he is in a better place, and even though Frank says he connects with his father from time to time, I can only wonder what Joe is up to now, now that he too has walked through the veil.
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2021.11.29 14:05 therealswigstein Would You Pay $500 to Know? And Does This Back Up Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita?

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2021.11.29 14:05 amAProgrammer [META] What else do you want to see in Snap Map?

Regular users and snapmap lovers. What else do you want to see in the existing snap map? 👇
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2021.11.29 14:05 Ambitious_Stock [cooking/baking] How to make tartine Sourdough [intentional]

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2021.11.29 14:05 HowardJDuck South African Doctor Who Raised Alarm over Omicron Variant: Symptoms 'Unusual but Mild'

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2021.11.29 14:05 angryjameson Norman Osborn kills Mr Ditkovich

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2021.11.29 14:05 ballztothewallz77 Best racing experience

Out of speed Vegas, exotics racing, and dream racing which is the best one for a novice supercar driver?
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2021.11.29 14:05 YellowGiraffe93 Help me and I'll help you! Thank you in advance!

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2021.11.29 14:05 need4speed187 I need a price check on what i should set the price to flux to where its cheap for people to want it but i still make a profit?

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2021.11.29 14:05 xx59kxx **Reddit Detectives** Can anyone find Ric Flair's Butterfly Robe he debuted in the Royal Rumble 1992. Last seen worn 1995 WCW Nitro..

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2021.11.29 14:05 UNCANNYPIGE0N Had a dream about call of duty

So I completed Vanguard in one sitting and played zombies before I went to sleep just to clarify. The short dream started with a campaign character who could still talk yet as the camera panned out it showed he had been cut in half and he was eating himself (and enjoying it) the 'zombie' still had the quirky characteristics of the guy in campaign anyway as the camera panned out further I could see a bunch of none essential soldiers with blood on there faces further indicating that the campaign had turned into zombies I was not scared but it felt very realistic and even had a tiny bit of humour to it, it felt very realistic.
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2021.11.29 14:05 therealswigstein Iran Nuclear Deal Talks Resume In Vienna Amid Muted Hopes

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2021.11.29 14:05 Classic-Home760 Pytorch vs tensorflow vs sikit-learn 😅

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2021.11.29 14:05 lordfranje Rad kao student van Hrvatske

Evo ovako, imam jednostavno pitanje, a tesko mi je doci do konkretnog odgovora. Zna li neko je li moguce raditi van Hrvatske i EU neke freelance poslove kao student, odnosno preko SC-a? Tipa da je posrednicka firma Hrvatska i tu je prijavljena, ali da je mjesto rada van Hrvatske? Recimo jedan primjer koji mi pada na pamet je voditelj turistickih putovanja. Je li itko radio tako nesto?
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2021.11.29 14:05 LightVessel777 I cant put Optifine into the Better Minecraft Modpack

Hay yall, for those of you who have Better Minecraft Modpack, do you know why optifine crashes my load up. In the past I had this modpack with optifine and it worked perfectly, but after a while i decided to delete it. Now after some time I decided to download it again and put optifine in it. Whenever I add optifine to the mod file and try to load the pack, it crashes instantly, I cant even get into the game. I'm a shaders person and I honestly will not play minecraft without shaders and dynamic lights, yeh I'm picky that way. But I hope someone can help me out with this.
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2021.11.29 14:05 subredditsummarybot /r/Hockey's top highlights for the week of November 22 - November 28

Monday, November 22 - Sunday, November 28
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7,115 562 comments [Video] Artemi Panarin throws his glove at Brad Marchand from the bench
4,450 181 comments [Video] Florida man bangs the glass during Flyers vs Panthers hockey game
3,554 98 comments [Video] Sharks fan shows his displeasure after the Leafs go up 3-1
3,330 272 comments [Video] Avs fans singing Blink 182
3,289 722 comments [Video] Tkachuk and Lemieux get into a scrum. Tkachuk claims that Lemieux bites him in the scrum. Both receive 4 minute double minors for roughing, Lemieux receives a 5 minute match penalty for the bite.
1,798 345 comments [Video] Erik Johnson slips coming over the boards, almost kills Cale Makar
1,769 204 comments [Video] Goalie from Tri-City Americans rage quits after the fourth goal. The guy straight up pulled himself from the game.
1,475 57 comments [Video] NYR (2) - BOS 2 - Dryden Hunt drills on an open net smashing the in-net camera
1,216 409 comments [Video] McDavid scores, and Lyubushkin proceeds to crosscheck him in the back head first into the post.
1,203 494 comments [Video] Marchand slewfoots Oliver Ekman-Larsson.
1,052 336 comments [Video] Josh Morrissey two handed slash after the Jackets empty net goal
1,032 224 comments [Video] "The Islander" at the UBS Arena
878 373 comments [Video] Landeskog falls and slides into Riddich, a fight breaks out in the scrum and Landeskog bloodies Ekholm
820 181 comments [Video] National Anthem fail before LAK vs. OTT
741 49 comments Lafreniére and Kreider with a smelling salt Bromance
599 103 comments [Video] Lucas Raymond scores in OT for the win against Buffalo Sabres (Full Overtime)
573 25 comments [Video] Devon Toews Receives Free Hat
500 99 comments [Video] [Oilers] Draisaitl, when asked about his goal pace: "You expect me to score 82 goals this year?! That's not going to happen. Again, obviously playing with 97 makes it a lot easier, a lot more free ice out there with him, but I don't expect that of myself. That's not anything that's realistic."
499 163 comments [Video] Alexis Lafreniere goes after Jean Gabriel Pageau and they drop the gloves in response to an earlier hit from Pageau
489 41 comments [Video] Incredible play from Sens 2019 4th rounder Viktor Lodin
480 87 comments [Video] Makar collects the puck inside the blue line and makes a great shot to tie the game at 4, his second of the night
477 55 comments [Video] [KHL] Two fights break out two seconds into the second of two back-to-back games between Spartak Moscow and Jokerit Helsinki
475 37 comments [Video] Joel Farabee dazzling shorthanded goal
462 110 comments [Video] Nedeljkovic (Red Wings) committs robbery on STL (with replays) 11/24/21
456 23 comments [Video] [NYR (4)-1 NYI] MSG adds insult to injury with another zoom-in on a suffering Isles fan after Kreider's second goal of the night
453 14 comments [Video] [NYR (1)-0 NYI] NYR fan pats NYI fan on the head after Chris Kreider’s PPG
434 120 comments [Video] Kreider's Michigan attempt just misses and sails across the goal line.
420 79 comments [Video] After going his first 10 games without a point, Kaapo Kakko's goal last night brings him to 5 points (3 goals) in 4 games.
362 86 comments [Video] [WSH (3) - 1 FLA] Ovechkin scores his second of the game with a slapshot on the rush
359 38 comments [Video] Huntsville Havoc Teddy Bear Toss
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5,064 263 comments [Satire] I bet you fucking idiots think I'm about to drop this puck
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1,500 Melodic-Bug-9022 said Fuck Damien Cox. I urge you not to buy his book. The guy is a piece of human excrement that has no respect for people suffering from mental illness. Back when McGrattan was knocked out in a fight in ...
1,295 qazwy said All we need now is two players to fight at practice and we're on track for the 18-19 Blues.
1,275 aessae said This is much less horrible.
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1 Wholesome 81 tpark27 said That was a long sentence. They'll expand if it's profitable
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2021.11.29 14:05 Dmeks1 [homemade]Turkey Pot Pie from Start to Finish with Lard Crust

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2021.11.29 14:05 Alarmed_Watercress42 What a great line and fucking delivery by yours truly.

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2021.11.29 14:05 Arty_likes_Anime Lady lovers of Reddit: What makes bad girls so good, and who is the best bad girl?

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2021.11.29 14:05 bvxxvs Wichtig

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2021.11.29 14:05 Fiercefungi [Xbox] [H] uncommon sets and almost complete sets [W] CREDITS

Bycocket set
Brodie hat set
Fez hat set
Hard hat set
Homberg set
Almost complete
Devil horn set missing tw
Latte set
Stego set
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