Do you think the Fatshark dominator V2 + two antennas + 3s lipo and xt30 connector for 75 euros is a good deal and still worth it over standard emax kit goggles?

2021.11.29 15:18 Rodent1357 Do you think the Fatshark dominator V2 + two antennas + 3s lipo and xt30 connector for 75 euros is a good deal and still worth it over standard emax kit goggles?

Do you think the Fatshark dominator V2 + two antennas + 3s lipo and xt30 connector for 75 euros is a good deal and still worth it over standard emax kit goggles? submitted by Rodent1357 to fpv [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 15:18 Cupcake-Away I’m currently stuck between these two, what do you guys think? I’m currently leaning towards the blue but i’m not sure there both super cool.

I’m currently stuck between these two, what do you guys think? I’m currently leaning towards the blue but i’m not sure there both super cool. submitted by Cupcake-Away to xboxone [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 15:18 ochaoji Bag/Storage ideas?

Those official bags are few and far between.
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2021.11.29 15:18 Is_this_a_catinzehat There’s going to be a lot of newly minted EGC Billionaires after today… welcome to extreme redistribution

$500 per Billion ladies and gents… never gonna have this opportunity again (hopefully)
ThIs iS nOt FiNAnciAl AdVIcE
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2021.11.29 15:18 xtc_557 Court Hearing today

Hey all! I’m just posting because I’m having a rough day. I have my trial hearing against my abusive narcissistic ex later today and I hate having to hear his voice and my judge is very rude and siding with him. My ex has a case against me for stalking that is unfounded and false with no evidence or anything (I live across the country from him now) but it’s causing everything to become extra difficult in my process of obtaining a restraining order. I was supposed to have a support system with me and it fell through. If anyone has success stories or words of encouragement it would mean more than you know! 💜💜💜 I was supposed to get a public defender but was never contacted by the courts.
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2021.11.29 15:18 Pipoleyoslonbibo Lenovo international warranty?

Hello, I want to buy a Legion 5 Pro. However, it's hard to source one where I live. My initial plan was to order it from Romania and have a friend pick it up and send it over. My concern is that the reviews for the site I wanted to order from are pretty negative. A lot of people have complained about the warranty service they provide. I read that Lenovo laptops have an international warranty. Is that true, and if it is, would it be valid in my country, considering there are quite a few Lenovo distributors?
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2021.11.29 15:18 CNSMaryland Data shows Maryland General Assembly is becoming more representative of state

Following the 2018 Maryland General Assembly elections, the state Legislature became the most diverse and representative of the state’s general population it has ever been, but data collected from the U.S. Census Bureau and the state of Maryland shows that there is still room for improvement.
Read more here:
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2021.11.29 15:18 Sad_Meeting_5159 How does tellurium work

Why are the moderators in this sub like Adolf Hitler? Or for that matter, in a lot of subs? Removing questions because they don't fit their narrative and shit lmao and when you spit some cold hard facts in their face they mute you. At least be man enough to talk some shit bitch lmao. Since I was muted I had to make a new account to get my stuff across gg ez.
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2021.11.29 15:18 Smartman_131 GEG/ENV4118

Does anybody in GEG/ENV4118 have any of the government files downloaded for assignment 2?
The sites are down
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2021.11.29 15:18 Ziorez Sad and Dissapointed

For the past 5 hours I've been working on a track which I was happy with as I can't find any others due to the sheer amount of Skill Point farms and AFK Money Farm races etc, Placing barriers 1 by 1 for 3 hours then implementing camera's and other objects to make it look more aesthetically pleasing for 2 hours.
After the amount of time/ work I put into this track it was done, I was extremely happy with the result although I made 1 small error, I placed the finish line down instead of making it a lapped race (Only figured this out during the test route (Also very new to eventlabs and creating my own tracks)).
Now after I had found out what I had done wrong I came to the realisation that there is no option to go back and edit that route so I can fix and have a fun track to race around solo and with friends, so please make it so we can go back and edit them, past 5 hours of work gone down the drain due to 1 simple mistake I can't go back and fix, shame that this hasn't been updated yet.
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2021.11.29 15:18 Oneshot2k POST
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2021.11.29 15:18 ShortAlgo $UP waiting for Buy signal on UP

$UP waiting for Buy signal on UP submitted by ShortAlgo to UltraAlgo [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 15:18 Pale_Ad_2339 🔥TRAPTOKEN LAUNCHING !!🔥 Join the ride to the moon with the new TrapToken!

TrapToken LAUNCHING !!
TrapToken launching
Token Information :
Name : TrapToken
Symbol :TRP
Blockchain : BSC
Total Supply : 10,000,000
Burn : 2,000,000
Liquidity locked
Contract Verified
Contract Address : 0x139a4b11a3bb8ed775f6db5ef063365a31e96fea
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2021.11.29 15:18 nerbzy Cyber Monday Deal on Double Diamonds Booster Box for $70!!

Cyber Monday Deal on Double Diamonds Booster Box for $70!! submitted by nerbzy to DigimonCardGame2020 [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 15:18 PunchiitheEgirl [Lf] iron garden table and chair diy. As well as garden bench diy. [FT] anything. I can offer nmts, bells, gold nugs, or 2.0 diys and recipes

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2021.11.29 15:18 nugloom What is the best dueling sim/client to use?

I had been using Yu-Gi-Oh! DOANE for the longest time, but I recently learned how not so great that client is, so I am looking for a replacement that is similar.
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2021.11.29 15:18 YouAreMyMoonshine Love and Soccer

Love and Soccer submitted by YouAreMyMoonshine to gifs [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 15:18 itzyit ⛏Lunar Mining 🌖 A Compound and Yield Reward Token | 6-Factor Protocol = BNB Rewards Always Grow!🚀

Lunar Tg:
Potentially the biggest BNB payout token to hit the BSC. Mining Pool payouts + BNB reflections! LUNAR’s dual-injection mining protocol maintains constant growth, meaning constantly growing BNB payouts. It achieves this by augmenting the existing mining pool with 10% of profits generated being passively injected into the mining pool along with 10% of all transactions. On top of this, every transaction includes a 2% burn.
🚨Contract🚨 0x823cBF574753A29f85C8448628972ead7514F6Dc
✅ Contract verified!
🔒100% Liquidity Locked!
🌖 Concept ————————————
🔘 The problem with current payout tokens:
Other tokens rely on market volume to obtain their value and profits. This dependency on market volume causes them to pump hard initially before the value dumps dramatically. Some investors get lucky but most are left with a significant loss as the value of the coin drops since their payouts never help them break even when they sell. This traditional method of tokenomics also leaves these tokens highly vulnerable to botting.
🔘Lunar Mining’s Goals:

🔘 How Lunar Mining solves this flaw:
An established mining pool, independent of the market, generates passive profits for all holders. The pool compounds 10% of generated profits creating perpetual growth. The pool is also grown through a 10% tax on all transactions. These two methods of growing the mining pool are completely independent of the token value of LUNAR. This means that the mining pool is completely unaffected by the value of LUNAR. So if the market is dumping hard, holders do not need to worry about profits being reduced.
LUNAR also utilizes a few other tax-based functions to maintain a more stable market value and generate more profits for holders. A 2% tax is used to create a buyback and burn system to reduce the available tokens on the market while simultaneously increasing market value. This means that a holder’s overall percentage of LUNAR will increase as well as LUNAR’s market price leading to greater profits. Another 2% tax is used to process an automated liquidity function helping maintain LUNAR’s market stability. A 3% automated buyback tax was developed to prevent larger holders from tanking the value of the token if they were to sell. An additional function was applied to limit the amount of the token that can be sold at a given time, preventing whales from selling large portions of their holdings at once. All of these functions were developed to stabilize the value of LUNAR and prevent extreme market volatility.
Some holders of LUNAR will also enjoy the benefits of the 10% BNB reflection tax. This tax is used to increase the profits of all holders who have 10,000 or more LUNAR in their wallet. These holders will receive a portion of this transaction tax that is proportional to their portion of total LUNAR tokens.
The combination of all of these factors ensure that payouts will consistently grow in size for all holders of LUNAR.
🚀 What happens when you HODL? - Holding LUNAR pays BNB - Every tx 🔥increases your % of the total supply - Higher % of supply = bigger payout - Mining pool grows even with 0 market volume - Mining pool growth = payout increase - Every tx grows the mining pool - Every tx that happens = payout increase - Passive Compounding Payouts💵💵💵
🌖 Tokenomics:
💰Total Supply: 1000000000 🏷80% - Presale Allocation 💧10% - Liquidity 🔥6% - Marketing ⚙️4% - Devs
💵 Mining Pool: 💉10% - Mining Pool Injection 💸 90% - BNB Holder Payout
💨 Transaction Fees: 🔥2% - Buyback + Burn 💉10% - Mining Pool Injection 💧2% - Automated Liquidity 📈3% - Automated Buyback 💸10% - BNB Reflection
🔗 Links:
🌐 [Website]
🐦 [Twitter]
💬 [Telegram]
TLDR: Hold $LUNAR - Receive the most stable form of passive income generation on the BSC!
Contact devs on telegram for any questions!
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2021.11.29 15:18 LisslO_o Das 17. Jahrhundert war ungeil

Kurze geschichtliche Einordnung:
Das Mittalalter geht von: Ca 500 n. Chr. (Fall des weströmischen Reichs) bis ca 1500 n. Chr. ("Entdeckung" Amerikas durch Kolumbus) Also ungefähr 1000 Jahre lang. Das 17. Jahrhundert war als erst nach dem Mittelalter, es war in der frühen Neuzeit (die geht vom Ende des Mittelalters bis zur Industrialisierung).
Also was passiert damals so in Europa?
Es war eine Zeit des Umbruchs. Wir haben riesigen Fortschritt, aber für die meisten Menschen war es nicht toll damals.
Es gab einen riesige Fortschritte in der Wissenschaft, zum Beispiel Isaac Newton hat damals gelebt und geforscht. Es kamen Dinge wie Kanonen und erste Gewehre auf. Langsam aber sicher beginnt die Zeit des frühen Kapitalismus und Imperialismus, damals noch durch die Niederlande. Man hat plötzlich Waren aus Amerika, Indien, China. Der Sonnenkönig herrscht in deinem Schloss in Versailles.
Aber durch die ganzen neuen Ressourcen werden natürlich auch lustig Kriege geführt, wie der 30 Jährige Krieg, damit gab es Hungersnöten durch Zerstörung der Ernte. Die Bevölkerung wurde von Pestwellen und der kleinen Eiszeit geplagt, das führten zu einem Bevölkerungsrückgang im heutigen Deutschland von 20 bis 45 Prozent.
Die Menschen waren also verunsichert, von den Veränderungen, ihr ganzes Weltbild wurde durch Wissenschaftler auf den Kopfgeschmissen und kamen ständig Naturkatastrophen um die Ecke. So ist der Glaube an Hexen ausgeartet und in genau dieser Zeit in der ihr landen würdet, wäre der Höhepunkt der Hexenverfolgung, bei der im Heiligen römischen Reiche Deutscher Nation (aka Deutschland heute) die Hälfte aller Verurteilungen stattfand (insgesamt ca 40.000 Hexenverbrennungen). Die Hexenverfolgung war also nach dem Mittelalter, auch wenn die Menschen natürlich auch im Mittalalter an Hexen glaubten, gab es keine so krasse Panik wie in der frühen Neuzeit.
Fazit: Lieber niemandem sagen, dass ihr aus der Zukunft kommt, außer ihr trefft zufällig Newton (aber der war auch ein komischer Vogel)
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2021.11.29 15:18 ShortAlgo $GTH waiting for Buy signal on GTH

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2021.11.29 15:18 ScaffoldingMC A sleepover is the ultimate trust excercise

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2021.11.29 15:18 TrifectaComedy GIRL SMOKES WEED AND DIES

GIRL SMOKES WEED AND DIES submitted by TrifectaComedy to video_Youtube_Shorts [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 15:18 TemporaryCitron9271 Binance along with Elon Musk make a contest on twitter

Binance has announced a challange where one of the prizes will be up for grabs; $50k in cryptocurrencies or a branded Tesla.
To participate in the contest, you need to post a tweet in which you write what you would prefer to win.
For the first time I see this type of promotional action and I will tell you that I am shocked. This will definitely help Elon Musk and Binance become more popular and it's a really funny and interesting competition.
Here is the link to the tweet from CZ Binance:
Link to Twitter
Will you be participating in the competition?
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2021.11.29 15:18 Kobix3 z906 donesn't support Dolby atmos?

i have the z906 im trying to configure it for the best setting.. i have the dolby atmos software, but its says that my device dont support dolby atmos.. the decode light always off IDK why.. i tried both optical and coaxial on my on-board sound card.. i can feel 5.1 in almost every video.. but im wondering how to make it work in the optimal way.. any idea how to make it work and decode dolby and dts ?
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