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Employer Not Training Me - Trapped

2021.11.29 14:34 JustBe-Chillin Employer Not Training Me - Trapped

Hi All,
So ill start from the begining.
Sep - Started an apprenticeship with a well known construction company was told i would be getting 1-1 training, supervision and a clear path of how im going to complete the apprenticeship programme. Had 0 training this month and just thought it was down to 'sorting apprentice enrollment'
Oct - Went into administration at the begining of the month. Told apprenticeship was on hold due to the obvious company dilema - They announced theyre moving over to another company using TUPE. Still this full month did nothing sat in a canteen for 8 hours a day on my phone...
Nov - Started two weeks training and begged them that when i came back after the 2 weeks training there would be progress to this job with clear direction and communication of what im actually meant too be doing as an 'Apprentice'
So my main issues are that im currently getting below the national minimum wage (currently on £8.50) however ive had no training and no actual direction in regards to what the hell my job is. I'm trapped due too needing to pay bills and car insurance. As without these I wont be able to work.
So for 3 months ive done nothing, like nothing at all. Just sat down at this new company and just being completely ignored.
Ive spoken to both me line manager and Director who both dont seem to know what to do with me. Apparently I joined at a 'Bad' Time and the bloke who i was going to train up off retracted his offer (1st week of october)
Now what i want too ask is if theyre in Breach Of Contract? Theyve provided me with no training since ive been here and considering im getting paid less than minimum wage dont find it all that amusing and if anything like im being taken advantage of to be a 'Laccy' Occasionally dropping items off in van.
This apprenticeship can only be learnt by being taught. You can only complete it if im on site getting the evidence for my portfolio. which at the minute considering i dont know my job or what they expect from me i have no idea how to proceed or complete these tasks.
I am 23 years of age and didnt think an employer could be worse but i seem to go from bad employer too another. Im sick of it big bosses taking 300,000 a year when the company is in the state its in (Needs closing down tbh) meanwhile ive just been left out and forgotton about. Literally no on cares.
Ive now got the reputation of 'Moaner' and I do 'Nothing' Its so upsetting as im not that person and dont like people to view me like that. I'm trying so hard too better myself but it annoys me how no one seems to be accountable for me and my job and i get brushed off EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Honestly try doing a "Job" for 3 months but actually doing nothing. Its so boring and it just makes me angrier as the days go by. Do i have grounds to hold them accountable for the MASSIVE amounts of false promises and lack of direction or help.
I am also trying my best to get out of there its just not a nice environment and 3 months into a new job and im posting on here is clearly red flags.
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My first post UwU
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2021.11.29 14:33 BravoSarno Meet Revan! He has cerebellar hypoplasia, is deaf, and has a funky-lookin neck. I love him.

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2021.11.29 14:33 aflynn5 In accidentally refrigerated salad dressing out overnight. Should I toss it?

I bought a few different dressings to try - the vegan dill ranch, cilantro, green goddess and the kale/broccoli slaw last night around 6:00 pm and realized this morning around 7:00 am that I had left them out. I put them in the fridge, but am worried they may be bad now..
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2021.11.29 14:33 i_will_guide Broke the game while trying to assemble the crew

So I am at the point where you have to find Isobell and Graham. I did go to where Graham was and investigated and then went where Isobell was and actually talked to her so she left to the ship but as I found out I have to rexcue Graham from somewhere but the quest doesn't show up for me. It still only says "Assemble Fortune's crew". I don't know what to do, my last save has been a while :(
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2021.11.29 14:33 e_g_c Wedge gapping

Just taken delivery of t200 set (3-pw). PW is 43 degrees which is madness in my opinion; I don’t need a pitching wedge to go 148 on average.
Anyway, with this set change I have a 43* pw then go to my old ping wedges which are 50* and 54*.
Seems like a big gap to me. Should I bend the 50 to a 48 or change up completely? I play off 12 so it’s not like I need scratch golf setup.
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2021.11.29 14:33 NoResponsibility5162 check your candy bins...

and under the sofa cushions.
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2021.11.29 14:33 officerlahey63 CPU upgrade

I've noticed my CPU becoming a bottleneck. I have a GTX 2070 GPU and looking to get s new CPU. Using the x470 gaming plus Mobo. Any suggestions on what chips would work with my board? I was thinking maybe a 3700x? Or does anyone else have a better one in mind? Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.
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Plz open the link and see my series. I need suggestions
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2021.11.29 14:33 Hanner_Tenry Today is the 70th anniversary of Roger Troutman’s birth! Let’s remember him by celebrating his music, and sharing his legacy!

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