Stupid question about staking

2021.10.27 09:40 jni6543 Stupid question about staking

My first time staking so please cut me some slack. What does the number that appears under โ€œstaking rewardโ€ represent? Is that iotex or something else?
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2021.10.27 09:40 GatoXikito psss... Dont tell anyone but installing thought play store an specific cloud photo service that before June was free gives you free uploads until February 2022

Posting in that way in case of being counted as piracy even if technically isn't, I hope you know which i'm refeering
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2021.10.27 09:40 International-Tea928 Looking for used utility poles

Does anybody know where I can find some? I only need two I believe. Thank you!
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2021.10.27 09:40 yakester21 ESPN IR Question

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2021.10.27 09:40 cheesedonke I'm a little confused looking at the PDCurses library

So basically was looking to make a little terminal app and was looking at the pdcurses library and I got confused by something. It has Windows, dos, os/2 listed as platforms and then it has sdl 1 and sdl 2. I don't het how sdl can be a platform? It is just another library is it not? And I don't get how anything is different if your using the two libraries because they are for different things. Curses is to do with manipulating a terminal screen to have multiple windows and what not and sdl is to do with graphics, audio and input. Like I don't understand how those 2 things work together?
I know to most this will seem like a stupid question but I'm quite inexperienced, thank you anyway :).
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2021.10.27 09:40 Fabulous_Ad3747 ๐ŸŒŸ LEGEND KISHU COIN ๐ŸŒŸ Stealth Launch ๐ŸŒŸ Listed On PancakeSwap ๐ŸŒŸ Liquidity locked ๐ŸŒŸ 100x potential or more ๐ŸŒŸ Anti Whale

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2021.10.27 09:40 StonkHero As an atheist, how do you explain the paranormal?

Last post i made everyone was very helpful. Thank yall.
I cant deny paranormal things dont happen. Ive had some happen to me and i still cant explain why. But how does an atheist explain it? Im an atheist but i just cant help but fell like there is something else at play which is beyond my understanding.
This happened a few years ago and ill keep it short and sweet. Me and a few friends are sitting in the living in a circle talking. Theres a bookshelf a good 5 or 6 feet away. We just got done talking about the ghost that lives in the house. Then a book randomly flies off the shelf and lands in my lap. Nobody touched it. I promise i can see everyone and the bookshelf is in front of me. How do we explain this? Ive always wondered when it comes to these things is there something at play that as humans we just dont understand? Or maybe there is a logical reason why these things hapoen?
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2021.10.27 09:40 g_para Can you get a piercing soon after having a blood test?

Just curious as to how soon after a blood test you can get a piercing? Iโ€™ve had a look online and not found a thing, maybe Iโ€™m overthinking about how much it will have an effect but I just want to double check
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2021.10.27 09:40 Sparklepuff3000 Darkrai on me: 4545 8442 0783 and 239392327773

Darkrai on me: 4545 8442 0783 and 239392327773
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2021.10.27 09:40 LloreBaGa Any good resources to learn about supercapacitors?

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2021.10.27 09:40 Bobbymarek Brightpoint Studio

Brightpoint Studio

Hello and welcome to Brightpoint Studios! The home of The Z Word Series!

First of all, thank you for coming to this page! Every penny helps us get one step closer to becoming a fully fledged production company!

We release videos on YouTube every Wednesday and with your help we can make those videos bigger, longer and more impressive and in time launch additional videos and whole other series!

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2021.10.27 09:40 whenwilliwin Anyone collect 1/20 Pokรฉmon Scale World Figures? Why they so expensive?

Are these limited runs? Seems like they keep producing Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard
Some sets are ok priced, but some seem to be discontinued or supply chain issues? Like the Croconaw set is like over $200. Like howโ€ฆ I wish I could see what the main retail price was. I feel like everybody marking up more than 2x.
These are just static figures.
These figures come from DS Studios, Zukan, and Bandai.
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2021.10.27 09:40 NoReallyLetsBeFriend How?! We're thriving while others are down!

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2021.10.27 09:40 HGaudio [NBA Math] Through games on Oct. 25, which second-year players have done the most (or least) with their minutes during the 2021-22 #NBA season, per TPA?

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2021.10.27 09:40 glutenfreegluten1 Any recommendations on hair salons for a woman with a pixie cut?

Since the start of COVID, I've been rocking a short pixie cut and will never go back to long hair. Only thing is, I keep getting charged $70+ just to trim my hair into a "boy" cut with slightly longer bangs. I went to Shazam and in Port Credit as I've been going there for a few years on and off and after making it clear on the phone that my hair is now short and it'll be a quick job, the hair dresser still charged me $70 before tax. When I asked him why I'm being charged the same as when I had hair down to my butt, he said he already gave me a discount of $10 and I am a woman. However, the men's prices are listed on their website as low as $40.
I'm not an overly cheap person but my haircut took 20 minutes to complete and I only had the sides trimmed and shaped.
Any recommendations for people with pixie cuts?
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2021.10.27 09:40 Lost_Tumbleweed_2203 Know what's happening with HydraSwap directly from the founders. Have queries? We'll answer!

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2021.10.27 09:39 NewsElfForEnterprise General Motors Tops Q3 Earnings Forecast Amid Chip Shortage, EV Shift

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2021.10.27 09:39 0kolym Macro Farming in Mercenaries

Am i allowed to use macros via bluestacks to farm afk in Mercenaries?
I dont want to break any terms of use and it would make my life a lot easier
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2021.10.27 09:39 SnowblindedGuy Good morning SHIBARMY

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2021.10.27 09:39 ollobrains Shibarmy

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2021.10.27 09:39 ribblle Can anyone recommend a news source that genuinely has a sense of the future?

Not just covering tech stories, but enough self-awareness to put todays headlines in context.
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2021.10.27 09:39 bogeyworkman Mizuno Custom Order Shipping Time?

Anyone place a custom order recently with Mizuno? Good news is Mizuno is going to replace my cracked irons. Bad news I had to send them back (kidding of course). I don't have a backup set and have some travel this winter and winter league/lessons. Curious if anyone has placed an order with them recently and what the lead time. Thinking about tracking down a backup set for the time being.
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2021.10.27 09:39 Panda0922 3 more days

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2021.10.27 09:39 stom86 Want advice - Laptop or dedicated player?

Hobbyist DJ here. I currently have a laptop which I only ever use for DJing (my main PC needs are satisfied by a desktop). My DJing laptop is getting a bit long in the tooth/worse for wear and is currently setup for 2 decks / 4 channels playback, mixing using an analogue mixer and controlled with a Traktor X1. So I'd like to upgrade. Was thinking of getting something sturdy like a Lenovo ThinkPad. However I'm a little cheesed off with the software situation. I like Virtual DJ, but it is expensive for my light use and Traktor pro 3 has been about as stable on my setup as an elephant on a tightrope, which just isn't good enough. So I should probably try something else.
For new laptop kind of cash I could replace the who setup with a Denon Prime 4, which would give me 4 decks of playback and more comprehensive controls. I'm not really concerned about similarity to in club setups as I don't expect to be playing for a club anytime soon, just home practise and occasionally setup at events. What would you go for?
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2021.10.27 09:39 1point618033 Announced new match between Italy A - Romania in December

The new game will be played in sicily the 18 December, and there is a possibility of another match of the national team Italy A in early 2022, perhaps against Georgia.

Franco Smith, FIR's Head of High Level, concluded: "We have a large group of very young players to focus on, our talents playing abroad are now under 22 years old. When I was coach of Italy I was thinking about how to broaden the base by facilitating the transition from the Under 20 to the first team, and the National A team will represent exactly this context, offering the boys selected from the Franchise and the Top 10 draft the right opportunities to grow.
At this moment in Verona there are 62 players who are preparing the matches, two National teams that work together in a continuous technical and physical comparison that certainly enriches everyone. As far as Italy A is concerned, against Spain and Uruguay we will have the first measure of this group, then we will follow Romania (in Sicily in December, location to be defined) and we are also evaluating other commitments for the beginning of 2022, among which Georgia is a concrete possibility.
Ireland and Wales are looking at this project with interest and could soon create the conditions for official matches during the Six Nations. There are many interesting prospects in the Top 10 that we are monitoring, every Tuesday we do a detailed screening of players of interest with video analysis and technical reports. The selections of these first two matches will be more directed towards the Franchise players, but the goal is to work and involve more and more the best talents of the Championship, already from the third test with Romania in December".
source :
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