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Darkrai - 6993 0068 0672

2021.10.27 08:59 stevenc0992 Darkrai - 6993 0068 0672

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2021.10.27 08:59 Bidnessman05 Killa da crook stunts on Insta live in his new Crib showing off bands

Video stunting on the gram in his crib
Evicted for not paying rent
No I didn’t search for this . Someone that knows him dm Ed asking me to post this
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2021.10.27 08:59 AmuseiTheLizard Pig iri add on

Does pig's iri add on work properly now?
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2021.10.27 08:59 ikhwanhalim_YT Me when

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2021.10.27 08:59 Bulletspong3 What time will the starlight phantom drop be?

I know that it's Nov 8th, but what time will the drop start?
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2021.10.27 08:59 Tauras_Arma BIG Z and Gym Motivation x Car Music 2021

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2021.10.27 08:59 Capote61 I am halfway through Juan Martinez’s “Conviction,” about what it was like leading up to and during the prosecution of Jodi Arias. I haven’t put it down in 2 days! Has anyone read it?

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2021.10.27 08:59 ChunkIre "Irish Braveheart", Thomas Crowley: Croatian war hero (context in comments)

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2021.10.27 08:59 Stewart_Nas15 *stares in feminism*

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2021.10.27 08:59 obbieollie Make assumptions

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2021.10.27 08:59 SergejPS When you search up "Me at the zoo 2" in YouTube, the first thing that pops up is a video of nine eleven. We need this fixed, not because 911, but because we won't be able to find me at the zoo 2 when it comes out.

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2021.10.27 08:59 Velociraptor_CT I've seen some "mud" photos recently, thought I'd share mine. I had just bought some bfg ko2's and kept hitting the same hole till I sunk her down to the subframe. With a little elbow grease, a highlift Jack and some tree branches I drove her out. 1996 AWD Manual 💪

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2021.10.27 08:59 Racheldagamer94 I found this on the baby bumps subreddit. It’s all mothers defending drinking, smoking, and eating sushi while pregnant. And WE are the crazy ones?

I found this on the baby bumps subreddit. It’s all mothers defending drinking, smoking, and eating sushi while pregnant. And WE are the crazy ones? submitted by Racheldagamer94 to antinatalism [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 08:59 Nepcchi Misaki's theme song?

I've been wondering, what do you people think Misaki's theme song would be, I'm working on some small project relating her so I would appreciate some suggestions
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2021.10.27 08:59 empty-envelope クリミアの財宝、ウクライナへの返却命令 オランダ裁判所 お前らも借りパクしたエルナークの財宝返してやれよ カセットの裏に名前書いてるだろ

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2021.10.27 08:59 thedreamlodgecouncil ѲNIRICʌ

We are a Dreaming Species. We have been dreaming for millions of years. Dreams have taken
us out of the caves, taught us speech and how to make tools, guided us when the gods
vanished, impelled us to build and destroy empires, encouraged us to create and reform
religions, and gave us a glimpse on the afterlife. Dreams of Love, Dreams of Majesty, Dreams
of War, Dreams of Death.
For thousands of years our dreams have played a major role in our cultural development and
social interactions, not to mention their fundamental importance for health and spirituality. It
was thanks to our dreams that we have developed a sense of soul or double. They composed
the most powerful repertoire of the Shaman, a crucial social role that is now virtually extinct,
replaced by the priest, the physician and the scholar.
Science and technology brought us undeniable progress, safety and welfare, but on the other
hand, probably from the Industrial Revolution and culminating in the Digital Era, dreams were
gradually relegated to a second plane, stored in the same level of other unimportant fantasies.
There is no time, no space for dreams today. Dreams are completely irrelevant to our current
modes of subsistence. And because of this, and due to our ever increasing lack of time because
we are always busy in our connections and with our technological devices, we don’t even
dream anymore. Technically, we do, but we don’t remember. There is no point in the effort.
Without dreams, because we don’t sleep enough for their vividness or don’t remember them
because we wake up already engaged in mundane activities, we are becoming sick. And we are
also becoming dull. Dreams have an important – perhaps evolutionary – purpose in
consolidating memories, digesting emotions, channeling experiences, releasing stress and
providing probabilistic future events. Without them, we are lost. Like the Shaman, we are
gone. This dreamless world we call Vulgaria, and we declare it our enemy.
Dreams are the Compass and the prima materia of The Dream Lodge and its affiliates, who
believe that in ancient, more magical times, there was no dividing line between dreaming and
waking: only experience existed. The Radical Dreaming of the Lodge consists in transgressing
the barrier, called the Wall, smuggling experiences between the two sides, causing dreams to
invade Vulgaria, contacting and recruiting new dreamers as well as old Oracles, building cities
to host our armies and trenches to fight our wars, expand the dreamlands and promote The
Fall of the Waking Wall.
Our hierarchy is elusive, our membership free, our attitude anarchic. Any applicant is very
welcome, regardless of personal beliefs and ideals, so long the main objective of the Lodge is
observed. The Lodge’s system was developed in a way progress is self-assessed and grades are
self-granted. The grades are more a sign of experience and an apportionment of functions than
a symptom of authority. Our communications and meetings occur almost exclusively in our
territory, Dreamtime, so don’t expect much from us in Vulgaria. We have an e-mail address for
extremely rare and very specific contacts, which reason will not be disclosed now, but don’t
expect an answer from us. We almost never do. For initiation enquiries, summon one of us in
dream; and prepare pencil & paper beside bed. Don’t get frustrated: it usually doesn’t happen
in the first attempt. If your reasons are sincere, though, insist! After hopefully few attempts, a
member of The Triumvirate will appear to you in dream. Keep in mind we are very busy, so we
may send others in our place: in this case, they will give you their name and grade, and reveal
they are representing us. We are still deciding if we will promote discussion lists and establish
a social profile for the Lodge, because not all of us agree that it will rather help than divert. But
probably we will not. If you see a group advertising itself as The Dream Lodge, check if it is
really us by e-mail. Autonomous cells, however, are allowed and strongly encouraged. If they
wish to promote discussion lists and have a social profile, they are free to do so and instructed
to advertise themselves as a Dream Cell. This DOES NOT mean, absolutely, that The Dream
Lodge approves, condones or agrees with any of the practices and tactics the Cell operates –
this is what it means to be autonomous.
In 2019, three skillful and experienced magicians, immensely tired of the histrionic and
megalomaniac temperaments that generally take over Magical Orders in general, among other
things like unjustifiable fees, fancy dress codes, obligation of attendance to meetings and the
inertia of eternal grades, tried an experiment. They summoned a Dream entity, an Oracle, to
decide if they should continue their memberships in such organizations despite of all the
negative aspects mentioned; and how could they keep in touch with other magicians and
exchange experiences and attempt larger magical operations if they decided to discontinue
their memberships. Here was the deadlock: all of them had their highly cherished personal
agendas and prized their freedom but still wanted to be part of something bigger and engage
in collaborative magic. The two subsequent nights were silent, nearly dreamless, but on the
third night, the three of them, now geographically separated, were contacted by the Dream
entity. All of them contacted each other euphorically, saying they were visited by the entity
but not immediately sharing the whole dream. One of them had the idea of telling the others
to write their experiences individually and meet briefly after with the matter already written to
exclude cheating, peer pressure or external influence. In the meeting, they realized that,
despite subjective differences of secondary importance, they had essentially the same dream
and instructions. The Dream Lodge was then ritually founded and based on the guidelines
provided by the Oracle. Soon, acquaintances were contacted and a dozen of other magicians
joined the cause, some being former members of different orders and others lone wolfers. The
Dream has spread. With following successful operations, mass recruiting promotion was voted,
but because people ordinarily don’t pay much attention to their dreams, we decided to spread
the word in Vulgaria, only to withdraw back to Dreamtime. To be effective, the War must be
fought exclusively in Dreamtime. Dreams of Love, Dreams of Majesty, Dreams of War, Dreams
of Death.
To make recognition easier, to make sure we really appeared to you in dream, here follow a
few features of The Triumvirate (although we are skilled shape-shifters and can deliberately
employ other shapes, because it amuses us):
Sweven: Caucasoid, male, medium brown-to-gray hair, 5' 11" feet high, thin, abundantly
tattooed, prefers to dress in all black outfits. Wears glasses. Sweven used to be a relatively
known occult writer, a published author in Vulgaria that became as much disappointed with
the publishing industry as he did with Magical Orders in general. He has an unrelated, ordinary
job. Sweven is a Carter in Dreamtime, a dream-smuggler and agent-recruiter.
Hypnocampus: African-American, male, rasta dreadlocks, 5' 9" feet high, muscular. Usually
dressed in bohemian style. Hypnocampus is a motorcycle mechanic, an artisan and musician in
Vulgaria. He is an Architect in Dreamtime, and the Chief Engineer & Minter at The Channel, a
portuary town designed by The Triumvirate to be a Dreamwalker’s haven and military post. He
is also the Captain of the ship Hypnagogia.
Arunta: Female, Native Hawaiian features; long, jet black straight hair, 5' 3" feet high, fit body.
Normally wears tropical floral dresses. Arunta is a dance teacher and martial artist in Vulgaria.
She is a Dream Mistress and the head of state in The Channel, where she is addressed as Her
Majesty. Arunta is also the head of the War Department, assisted by ministers, generals and
other officers.
But, as we said, we may sometimes chose to send a representative instead. The Grades in The
Dream Lodge are symbolized by Tarot Cards and, when members meet each other or potential
recruits in dream, it is not unusual for a Tarot Card to be somehow displayed. Sometimes, the
badge-card floats around the member. The main activities of the grades are outlined below. It
is assumed and desired that the applicant has some background in magic, sigils, divination and
dream magic (sometimes called yoga nidra).
Experiments, observes, records; draws parallels between Dream and Daydream. Witness the
undivided nature of memory, realizing there is no difference between waking and dreaming
memories. Studies Dreams in waking reality and pursues Lucid Dreams. Can summon
Dreamwalkers & Carters to assist in the transition. After successfully achieving at least three
Lucid Dreams, becomes a Dreamwalker. Learn to fly by yourself.
Meets and interacts with specific beings and dream themes more vividly. Visits Past and Future
events. Accomplishes tasks given by Dream Masters. Tries to make dream elements to persist
beyond one dream, like the Dream Body or Double. Granted with the oneiring in dream as a
sign of full-fledged membership. After receiving the oneiring, the Dreamwalker can
commission a copy in waking reality, which should be as much a faithful reproduction of the
dreamed original as possible. Oneiring is a talisman to wither the Wall into a porous
membrane and facilitate transit.
Once sufficiently self-trained in persisting elements, like the own double & other objects like
the oneiring itself, explores and contributes to dreamscapes, builds cities, roads, ports, ships,
servitors, economic and autonomous systems.
Coordinates Dreamwalkers and Architects based on his/her experience. Acquires the ability to
intrude other people's dreams. Plots and scripts, becoming a minister or another high ranking
war officer. Helps Carters with specific tasks and managing the lodge, engaging in
Dreampolitics. Granted with the silver key, generally by an Oracle. It can, just like the oneiring,
have a waking double to be worn like a pendant, and functions not only as a medal of honor
but also represents granted access to deeper secrets in Dreamtime, like governing laws and
other sacred mysteries. Prepares his/her consciousness to spend the afterlife eternally in the
Dreamtime and permanently help the lodge from there, becoming an Oracle after death.
Buddhists and Hindus didn’t tell you that, but living consciously and willfully in Dreamtime
after death is an alternative form of Samadhi, breaking Samsara.
Transfers material information (objects, people, places, even events) from Dreamlands to
Waking reality and vice versa. Inspires others, arranges meetings in Dreamtime, delivers
important messages, intrudes others’ dreams, spies and recruits Dreamwalkers. Carters
constitute the majority of agents at the Dreamtime Intelligence Agency, headquartered in The
Channel. Generally, one or more Carters act as spokespersons for The Council.
Formed mostly by The Triumvirate & fellow Carters and Oracles, functions more or less like the
United Nations in waking world, aiming to provide peaceful interactions and achieve
cooperation. The ultimate, even sacred, intent of The Council is to promote The Fall of the
Waking Wall and reunite both the dreaming and waking realities. The main strategy adopted
has been to make holes in the Wall and promoting guerrilla warfare, inciting Dream elements
(beings, things, places, events and laws) to invade and flood the waking reality of Vulgaria.
After a few successful attacks, though, The Council has decided that we need many more
dreamers to cause more effective and persisting damages to the Wall, as it tends to regenerate
within a few hours. The Wall is naturally weaker and inefficiently protected at night.
Selected list of main known Oracles (a complete list is not only unknown but nearly infinite; it
appears Oracles operate more collectively and interdependently in deeper and more ancient
levels, generally electing one representative at a time). Here, in alphabetical order:

As you already guessed, we are not a school of magic. We will not train you; not in waking
reality. That's up to you, and we urge you to read anything and everything about dreams, from
mythological accounts to scientific articles and fiction. Sleep deprivation is one of the most
effective methods to provide vivid and lucid dreaming, and to cause dream elements to flood
waking consciousness in Vulgaria; but it should not be frequently practiced, and ABSOLUTELY
NOT EVEN ONCE if you need to drive or work in a dangerous occupation. There are other
methods: study! Thou shall be thy own master. Most importantly: we DO NOT instruct you to
conduct ANY activity on our behalf in waking reality. If a dream entity does so, IT IS NOT US;
there are many supernatural beings that can invade your dreams and attempt to control you
and compel you to do things for them, from spirits of the dead to tricksters, from demons to
gods, including Waking Agents. Do not follow them, don’t be stupid. Our War is ENTIRELY
fought in Dreamtime, while dreaming.
Dream, recall, record. Remember!
Carter Sweven
This is our ONLY e-mail address, uniquely and exclusively created to prevent fakes. Don’t trust
other sources! Don’t expect an answer!
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2021.10.27 08:59 Solesbee Me irl

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2021.10.27 08:59 Aggravating-Ad8220 Hello everyone, im looking to change my current case "Nox Hummer Fusion" I have researched a little I'm between a Phanteks P500 or a Corsair 500D, top budget is 200€.. My main goal is not the look of the case is good airflow and good sound isolation

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2021.10.27 08:59 saeth66 if the bengals win a playoff game ill blend #9 coneys and #1 three way and drink it. for burrow and chase

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2021.10.27 08:59 jumpingparaplegic Le terme 'pesceterien'

Je discutais avec mon professeur sur Italki et elle n'avait jamais entendu parler du terme "pescatarien". Le pescatarianisme n'est pas pratiqué en France ?
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2021.10.27 08:59 Gillsin Each high sue congress of usa gets u fake highs

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2021.10.27 08:59 TheFrontofArmament Is it fine to unlock Layup pass first rather than jumping jelly in Sendoh?

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2021.10.27 08:59 catroxia When restaurant says it will be 40 mins because they need to take care of their in house customers first…

Like wtf..? I’m just gonna stand here like a statue than
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2021.10.27 08:59 Strange_Tie4470 Dance of mars and Jupiter

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2021.10.27 08:59 Green_Cattle4114 🛸Space X Shiba! 7% SHIB Rewards | Launching Now | Liquidity Locked | Huge Potential | Get in before it moons 💥

Don’t you miss the goood old days of bsc? When projects could actually survive without a rewards contract selling and buying pressure not being able to keep up? When people actually HELD and had the patience to not dump for little profit.
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This is safe. Liquidity is locked and ownership is renounced. No way of a rug pull! Dev seems transparent and trustworthy.
➡️ TOKEN CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x10da1f34ef60c3c8e710422fe80a20f15282bd52
Buy/Sell tax - 10%
8% - SHIB rewards to holders
1% - Liquidity pool
1% - Marketing
Keep slippage around 10-12%.
The team will be renouncing ownership of the contract this will take all powers away from the developer to interact with the contract and rug-pull or cause malicious intent. As well as renunciation the liquidity will be locked through Mudra, this showing investors the team and token dynamic is here for the long term.
➡️ TOKEN CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x10da1f34ef60c3c8e710422fe80a20f15282bd52
💠 Links:
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LP Locked:https://deeplock.io/lock/0xd1fa44c885827828e34f36f76cd4ea7fb55da091
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