How is moto g40 fusion

2021.10.27 11:04 StillUnlucky4397 How is moto g40 fusion

Hi , I am going to buy my first phone....can someone tell how is moto g40 fusion
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2021.10.27 11:04 RussischerZar Easy XP calculator based on party size

Hello fellow Pathfinders,
I just made a Google Spreadsheet XP calculator to make it easier for our GM to keep track of our party's XP. As we don't always have the same party size, this helps him a lot to keep track and calculate the XP amount of the party much easier.
I hope this helps some people around here as well. To use it, just make a copy to your own Google drive and start filling out the white cells (you might want to clear it out a bit first though :P).
Without further ado:
Hope you find this little resource useful!
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2021.10.27 11:04 silence7 Oil Executives to Face Congress on Climate Disinformation | The heads of Exxon Mobil, Shell, Chevron and BP will testify Thursday in the first congressional inquiry into industry efforts to hinder action on climate change.

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2021.10.27 11:04 Pitiful_Effect_3828 Looking for some advice with my situation on saving my credit

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2021.10.27 11:04 momoontherun Princess Leia making her appearance

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2021.10.27 11:04 kingbrawler7 Stuck at loading screen for the past 1 hour. Happened tk anyone else?

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2021.10.27 11:04 nashmyjourney Chapter 15 of My Journey

Chapter Fifteen: Getting Married: Why it Had to be so Hard
I found myself in a predicament. If I found myself an atheist American woman, not that I had any notion of how to go about looking for one, this was likely to create a major problem with my family. The biggest issue would have been my mother. She did not speak a word of English. The rest of the family were also not likely to embrace a non-Egyptian heretic! All my family members at this time were living in Chicago within minutes from each other, holding large gatherings for trivial or non-trivial reasons or even no reason at all.
On the other hand, where could I find a non-believing Christian Egyptian in Chicago? There was one large Coptic Orthodox Church in Chicago but wouldn’t that be the wrong place to look for a non-believer?
I was already past 30 years of age and was ready to settle for “Open Mindedness,” but even that would be a tall order in this community. My sister in law tried once to set me up with a nice Coptic Canadian girl. She was described as “open minded”. I travelled to Toronto. I loved the city. Picked the potential bride up and went to dinner. She was attractive, educated and well-informed. I was smitten. For some reason, unplanned I swear, the issue of abortion came up. Her demeanor changed and she began pounding the table angry about all those “child killers.” Disaster struck and I knew it was over. Now more deliberately I asked her if she actually believed in God. She got up and asked me to drive her home. She did not speak a word during the trip and I never heard from her again.
My family, particularly my mother, was getting progressively worried that I would end up with someone they didn’t like, could not get along with and even might not be able to communicate with. They had heard of the nice Catholic psychologist (American and blond) and the Jewish teacher. This was when it all happened. One in my mostly-heretic group from college now lived in San Francisco. This particular friend was a brazen atheist; loud and unabashed. He could never be in the same room with my devout Coptic sister who then lived in Texas. She and her husband relocated from Chicago to Texas. My Mom had just died so my father moved with them. As I mentioned earlier, she prayed for me every night. They were members of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Houston. That is where she became acquainted with another Christian Egyptian family. This other family was not exactly Orthodox. the father was Protestant and the children (three girls) had to be baptized (i.e., dunked completely in holy water) to be able to belong to the Orthodox Church. The middle girl was an electrical engineer and very attractive. My sister spotted a major potential for her single doctor brother. She called and described her but added that she was a Sunday school teacher. That was the end of the conversation.
A few months passed. My friend from San Francisco was visiting his uncle in Houston who happened to be the closest friend to my future father-in-law. The uncle threw a Christmas Party and invited many Egyptian families including that one. My friend met the girl my sister had spotted. He was not the marrying kind (never did get married) but he knew I would be interested, as he was fully aware that for Egyptian families this was a rather liberal one. He also knew that I was studying brain electricity and she was an electrical engineer; a potential common ground, let alone her looks.
He called me and told me about this fantastic attractive girl who lived in Houston, from a rather liberal Egyptian family who happened to be an electrical engineer. It sounded eerily familiar. But a person who could be recommended by both my devout Coptic sister and my atheist friend at minimum aroused some curiosity.
I called my sister and made sure it was the same person. She decided to throw a big 65th birthday party for my father. She invited many Egyptian families including the target one. They accepted the invitation. There were conflicting accounts regarding whether the parents knew that my sister had an eligible single brother. They came nonetheless. I saw her at the party. We had a few drinks and talked for four hours. (Mostly about electricity.)
There was the nagging question about whether she was a “Sunday school teacher,” as my sister had said I had not dared to bring this up in the party. She gave me her number. A few weeks later, I gathered my courage and called her house. Her father answered. I introduced myself and asked to speak to her. He handed her the phone. This was a good sign for an Egyptian family. A more conservative father would have at least asked why I was calling.
We spoke for an hour. This was a long distance Chicago-Houston romance where we spoke almost daily and for many months. I decided to go visit. I made it a point to be there on a Sunday morning to check the going to church situation. I had planned a trip for us to go to the beach in Galveston. Going to church did not even come up. I was relieved.
They invited me to dinner. My mother-in-law was a master cook. The food was heavenly. Before dinner her father was playing some Egyptian music in the background. I recognized it. It was for the Cleric Imam. Cleric Imam was a singer and composer for the Egyptian leftist movement. This was the opposition during Nasser’s regime. These were the songs my group in college listened to all the time. I felt at home.
Planning for the wedding started. I knew the father was Protestant. I offered to have a Protestant wedding. He acknowledged the gesture but knowing my thoughts, he knew I was just stirring trouble with my family.
A Coptic Orthodox wedding was planned. The Coptic Church was too small so we opted for the Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Due to recent reconciliation between the Coptic and the Greek Orthodox churches this was allowed. The Cathedral was full. Three Coptic orthodox priests took part in officiating the wedding as a favor to both prominent church families. The sermon was one hour culminating in the Holy Spirit coming down and joining the two of us so we were no longer two but one. My biggest problem was keeping a straight face throughout the hour-long service when so many funny thoughts were racing through my mind. My bride knew what was going on and helped me keep a straight face. I truly appreciated her effort.
The remaining nagging question was about being a “Sunday school teacher.” Now we were on our Honeymoon and it was sort of safe to ask. She said that all other Sunday school teachers were so limited and narrow minded that she could provide some open mindedness to those children. I fully accepted the explanation and issue was forever dropped.
She was not atheist but what some call a deist. Her theory, which she still holds today, was that after God created humankind, he realized his colossal mistake, went ooops and left, never to worry about this race anymore.
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2021.10.27 11:04 gnarlykatt 💙💜

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2021.10.27 11:04 monstrtomstr This happening with anyone else’s grinder?

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2021.10.27 11:04 Baarmaboi Procreation, Digital Painting, Me

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2021.10.27 11:04 bondmemebond_2 What societal expectations do you find unrealistic for the average person?

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2021.10.27 11:04 Rebellion_Games NEW Abomination Minion + Patch V1.10.0

NEW Abomination Minion + Patch V1.10.0 IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE! No, seriously... Our science minions have been cooking up something seriously sinister (and just a little bit slimy) as an added deterrent for the Forces of Justice, and it's just in time for spooky season.
Now you can resurrect your own army of brain-munching brutes to keep agents at bay. Imagine the sheer terror those troublesome agents will experience, running into one of these towering, barbaric beasts! No mercy, just muscle.
What goes into making a monster? First, you'll need to construct your very own top-of-the-range Abomination Creation Station (see below for manufacturing details).
[i]1) The Abomination Creation Station uses body bags as fuel! These are added using the same Omni Port design used on the Incinerator.
2) The ACS can hold fuel for three Abominations. This is noted with lights over the Omni Port which switch on or off according to the amount of charge left.
3) The three cells on the other side of the unit serve the same purpose (as 2), lighting or dimming according to remaining charge.
4) The ACS can operate unaided but the presence of a minion speeds up production.
5) This is the exit ramp for the Abomination.
6) Abomination 'casket' is the same as the one for the Android Creation Station, both in looks and functionality.
7) More for narrative and decoration, chains add an industrial feel and imply what is being created here is more brutal than other creations.
8) Lazer Antennae can retract into the body of the machine when not in use.[/i]
The Abomination pack is included as part of the Evil Genius 2 Season Pass or as an individual purchase costing $3.49/€3.49/£2.99. Happy Halloween!
Patch Notes:
The spooky season is upon us, and with this update the Abomination Pack is available to Season Pass holders, or separately for purchase, blending Body Bags with a dash of mad science to add these shambling hulks of muscle to your minion ranks.
We continue to squash bugs where we find them, and this patch should remedy the remaining navigation issues some of you have experienced. The Design team have also reviewed Loot item power costs, and made some changes as a result, spreading the power requirements out more evenly to prevent sudden drains on power at the end of objectives. We’ve included the specific changes below. We've also added an option for those of you who want to use your cursor outside of EG2 while the game is running, improved a few Trap combos, and added some additional messaging where you've told us it would be helpful.
The team are hard at work on the Campaign Pack which will be our next item of new post-launch content, and will complete the Season Pass. Those of you looking for new challenges and fresh faces in your Evil Genius 2 campaigns should look out for updates on this from our Marketing team in the weeks ahead.
And finally no, we didn't forget about v1.9.0, but the reasons for jumping to v1.10.0 for this update are far less interesting than you might imagine. Bureaucracy is perhaps the ultimate evil.
We wish you continued success in your pursuit of World Domination.
  • The Evil Genius 2 Development Team
The full patch notes for Update 1.10.0 are available here.
The Abomination Pack is included as part of the Evil Genius 2 Season Pass or as an individual purchase costing $3.49/€3.49/£2.99. It is available here now!
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2021.10.27 11:04 TheMann4321 Damn George must be in big financial trouble this time...

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2021.10.27 11:04 munizfire [Orient Bambino] Got this pretty little thing in the mail last night.

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2021.10.27 11:04 makaio3o College Essay about a near death experience

Hi! so i was wondering if it would be okay to write an essay with a beginning hook of how i almost died over a penny when i was little. I’m not sure how this would relate to who i am in terms of metaphorical use.
another idea Is to write about the time i saw a plant growing (turgor pressure) which is basically a plant that my mom showed me for a project where it grew through a concrete road. this could relate to my life in a sense of growth and breaking through societal norms (where i live not a lot of people want to go to college) etc.
please! let me know any advice or ideas i need help
i need this by the end of the week
TLDR; two essay intro paragraphs, one about turgor pressure, another about a near death experience…. any advice? (due by this week)
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2021.10.27 11:04 ilikefantasylife ARG Wikis

Hey. I really like the idea of ARGs and especially ones like the backrooms. Is there any sort of FANDOM or wikis I can join which talks about ARGs? Thanks
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2021.10.27 11:04 LionShort7694 As deep as Thanos

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2021.10.27 11:04 featuringothers Trying on our Halloween costumes

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2021.10.27 11:04 Target_Patient

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2021.10.27 11:04 PorpolGal I'm amazed and crying tears of joy

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2021.10.27 11:04 Sogenius106 My Animal Crossing project needs to get 100 votes, but only has 3 days to do so, can we do it?

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2021.10.27 11:04 HorrorAssignment how to buy SHIB with shakepay in Canada?

i have money in shakepay and would love to buy some SHIB, binance is banned now in my province it seems, does anyone have an alternative?
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2021.10.27 11:04 nexum4545 Carbon Creatures is the world's first NFT dedicated to capturing carbon.

Carbon Creatures is the world's first NFT dedicated to capturing carbon. The majority of the sale proceeds go to organizations that capture carbon from the atmosphere and to charities that support endangered creatures and habitats.
We are releasing 8,888 unique Carbon Creatures trapped in carbonite in a variety of different animals, unique colors, angles and backgrounds. Some colors and angles are common, while others are extremely rare. For details visit
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2021.10.27 11:04 bruce8976 Something is happening 0% lent out

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2021.10.27 11:04 tmt04 Packet Tracer Wireless Coverage not viewable?

I am a student and am using packet tracer to setup a wireless access point within a corporate office environment. I am manipulating settings on the AP and logging signal strength, etc for a wireless device. I cannot however view the coverage area of the network when backing out into the city view. I think I have seen this before being a purple hue around the AP but I cannot find where/how to enable this feature. Google and some Reddit searches are leaving me with nothing as well. Anyone have any tips or ideas? Thanks!
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